Samuel L. Jackson Able to Skip Jury Duty for Being Famous

Project Casting

Samuel L. Jackson was dismissed from jury duty because he’s famous.

Samuel L. Jackson reportedly didn’t have to server jury duty because of movie obligations. According to reports, Samuel L. Jackson was dismissed as a prospective juror on Thursday in Los Angeles after he said serving on the case would interfere with his upcoming movie.

The case he would have served on involves a woman who is suing Janssen Research & Development, LLC because, she claims, her schizophrenic son died as a subject of a drug study involving Risperdal.

Judge Fruin said he was inclined to grant Jackson’s request, and the case’s attorneys agreed. Following the hearing, Jackson reportedly said he’d love to serve on a jury when he has more time and said his fellow prospective jurors “were a good group of people.” [via]

I guess another perk to being famous, you get to skip jury duty.

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