UPDATE: One Killed and Several Injured on Set of ‘Midnight Rider’ Filming in Savannah Georgia


Camera Assistant Killed while filming ‘Midnight Rider’ in Savannah, Georgia.

In Wayne County, Georgia one woman is dead and several others are injured in a train accident this Thursday afternoon.

According to WSAV, One of those injured in the accident was airlifted to Memorial Hospital in Savannah, Georgia. The director said that one of the victims is part of a crew filming by the train tracks when they were struck. According to sources, the a young woman, a camera assistant on the feature film was killed.



Wayne County Sheriffs were on location and responded to the emergency.

“Midnight Rider” stars Tyson Ritter as a young Gregg Allman, Wyatt Russell as the young Duane Allman and Oscar award winner William Hurt will portray the older Gregg Allman. The feature film centers on, Greg Allman the critically acclaimed blues singer who had the heart, voice and soul even when he was in his 20s. The film is based on his New York Times bestselling biography “My Cross To Bear.”


During a press briefing, Wayne County Detective Joe Gardner said confirmed that the crew had placed a mattress on the tracks when the train struck them. The eight victims were part of a 20-person crew on scene employed by Meddin Studios.

A spokesperson for the CSX Corporation released the following statement:

“CSX is deeply saddened by a tragedy that occurred late today on a CSX rail bridge in Doctortown, GA and is cooperating fully with authorities as they investigate. CSX personnel are working with first responders to meet the needs of those injured. The train  was en route from Memphis to Savannah when the incident occurred.”

We will keep you updated as the story develops.



The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office has released the name of the woman killed in the train accident. Officers  say 27-year-old Sarah Jones of Atlanta was working as part of a film crew for Meddin Studios when she was killed.  Seven others on the crew were injured.  The pictures of Sarah above was posted by South Carolina Film Council.


According to an eyewitness, Variety has been able to recount what happened on the railroad tracks before the fatal train accident.

The crew, including director Randall Miller, had been warned to expect two trains on the local bridge, one in each direction, and waited until after those two trains had passed to set up their shot, which involved placing a bed on the tracks. The railroad had also told the production that if any additional trains came, they’d hear a whistle about a minute before the train would reach the bridge.

A third train did arrive unexpectedly, blowing its whistle while the crew was on the bridge and the bed was on the track. Crew members ran toward their base camp, which was on land at one end of the bridge, using a plank walkway on the side of the trestle bridge. However in doing so they ran toward the bed. That proved disastrous.

Miller, who also directed the 2008 film “Bottle Shock,” and a still photographer rushed to get the bed off the tracks. Miller fell onto the tracks but the still photographer pulled him off, according to the witness, saving his life. The train was unable to stop and crossed the bridge while the crew was still on the walkway and the bed was still on the tracks.

The bed was hit by the train and shattered, sending debris flying. One large piece of debris hit Jones as she was running and knocked her onto the tracks. She was then struck by the train and killed. Debris also hit and injured several other people, including one who was seriously injured and airlifted to Savannah’s Memorial Health University Medical Center.

Photo Credits:  Jerry Hogan

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