A judge ruled that the video taken in jail that shows the pop star’s private parts will censor his genitalia for his privacy.

A judge ruled last Tuesday that naked Justin Bieber footage taken following his arrest in January will be made available to the public but it must be censored to “shade or blacken” the pop star’s private parts.

“The Court finds that there exists a right to privacy as it relates to the exposure and dissemination of the Defendant’s genitalia,” Miami-Dade County Court Judge William Altfield said.

Thew two video clips depict the singer urinating while in a holding cell after his arrest for DUI, will be released in a few days.

“Mr. Bieber’s right to privacy is paramount,” Altfield added. “He has not lost his right to privacy, and that is what is important here.”

Justin Bieber was arrested on January 23 in South Beach after being pulled over in his Lamborghini and tested positive for marijuana and Xanax.

It is important to note that Miami Beach police decided not to release photos of the pop star’s tattoos but instead a video of him urinating.

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