Want to know how much the SAG-AFTRA executives get paid?

According to a new report by Deadline, SAG-AFTRA, the union organization for actors and other fields in the entertainment industry, reportedly makes well over six figures.

Deadline reports that the SAG-AFTRA’s National Executive Director got a $40,798 raise last year and now makes $600,458 a year.

From Deadline:

The 10 highest-paid executives received more than a half-million dollars in raises.

Overall, the guild paid its employees $38,816,923, and despite the big raises for its top executives, that’s only $55,565 more than last year.

Like salaries for most careers, the amount of money that actors make each year, for the most part, are not public knowledge.

Even though Forbes investigates and lists the biggest earners in Hollywood, little is known for the other actors in the film industry.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistic, it is not nearly as much as Channing Tatum, Jennifer Lawrence or Robert Downey Jr.

In their latest report on employment and wages, the Bureau of Labor Statics released the average salary for several jobs within the entertainment industry including actors, producers, and directors.

Of the 155,740 actors, directors and producers included in the survey by the Department of Labour; the average person made about $89,000 in 2013, which equates to about $42.80 an hour.

The median is quite lower at $30.48/hour. But, it gets worse for actors.

According to the report, the median hourly pay for an actor is about $22.15 or $52,000.

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