‘Exposed’ is Keanu Reeves WORST Box Office Opening Ever!

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Keanu Reeves latest movie Exposed flops in the box office.

Keanu Reeves used to be a box office magnet. Something about his non-approach to acting always drawn thousands upon thousands of fans to the box office to see what Reeves was going to do next. However, it seems as though Reeves’ power to pull box office numbers is waning.

According to box office reports, Keanu Reeves’ new movie, Exposed, flopped “spectacularly” making less than $150 dollars in the Australian box office.

Apparently, the movie received horrible movie reviews and was only released in five movie theaters with an average of only two people buying a ticket at each movie screening.

The movie’s failure may have had nothing to do with Keanu Reeves but with the controversial production history. In fact, the movie’s original director Gee Malik Linton fought to have his name removed from the movie’s credits. The filmmaker resorted to legal action after studio bosses at Lionsgate allegedly insisted the movie, originally a bilingual drama was recut into a crime thriller focusing on Keanu Reeves.

“(We went) from a masterpiece to ‘here we go again,’ taking away the pure reality of the story, the core,” Gabriel Lopez, an actor from the film told US website The Root.

“Taking away everything because of Keanu Reeves, because he could sell more with his face.”

The gamble on focusing on Keanu Reeve’s star power to deliver box-office numbers seems to have failed in epic proportions in Britain, and the film only performed slightly better internationally, making just $185,000 world wide so far.

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