Leading analysts predict that Disney’s current stock price and plans could mean the company will dominate the video streaming market for the foreseeable future.

RBC Capital Markets’ Steven Cahall said in a recent statement that Disney has the means to become “arguably the world’s leading content company.”

For example, Disney is currently waiting for regulatory approval on its deal with 21st Century Fox, which owns Hulu and could end with Disney spending $30 billion a year on video-streaming content, which is great news for aspiring actors. As Disney competes with Netflix, which is already spending $8 billion a year on content, there will be more shows, movies, and therefore, more acting jobs.

Analysts predict the move could put Disney ahead of Netflix, who has been spending $8 billion on new content in 2018. Business Insider reports that this statement also noted that Disney’s theme parks and cruises provide a new and unique opportunity for customers, estimating around 50-million unique households could be brought into the company from Disney-themed vacations alone.

While all these plans are currently in the works and depend on the 21st Century Fox deal at the moment, there’s more than enough to say Netflix and Disney’s competition is beneficial to the entertainment industry.


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