‘Charmed’ is Coming Back! CBS is in Development for the Series Reboot


It looks like Charmed is coming back for a new season.

CBS announced that they are currently in development of a reboot of the witch drama, “Charmed”.

Variety recently reported on the upcoming project:


Variety has confirmed the reboot is in its early stages with just a script deal, but has “Party of Five” co-creator Chris Keyser and Sydney Sidner co-writing the show. Keyser will exec producer, and Sidner will co-exec produce. CBS TV Studios is producing with Tannenbaum Company.

The reboot is described as a “re-imagining of the original series centered around four sisters who discover their destiny – to battle against the forces of evil using their witchcraft.”

Vulture was the first to report the news.

“Charmed” ran on the WB from 1998 till 2006, and was created by Constance M. Burge. Aaron Spelling produced the series through Spelling TV. Program starred Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs, Shannen Doherty and Rose McGowan and averaged around 4.5 million viewers during its eight season run on the WB.


With the recent popculture obsession with vampires, witches, warlocks, and wizards this looks like a great idea and plan for the Network.

What do you think of the upcoming “Charmed” reboot?

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  • Jerry Temple

    I love to pretend Im different CHARacter :)

  • http://todd89.wordpress.com todd89

    would love to see this again, I have all the seasons of it. I would also like to be apart of it as well.

  • https://www.facebook.com/vfolke Virginia Folke

    That would be insane! I would love to work on that set anyday!!!!!

  • Cashee Prince

    I would totally audition fro it and even if I didn’t get the role I would still watch the show, I am obsessed with it!!!!!!

  • CharmedFans

    Can’t Wait!!!!

  • Caitlin

    Hope it does come back I loved that show just please don’t bring back Shannon

  • Mirella

    Instead of remake, do Charmed next generation. I would like to see what the kids do and let the original cast show up as guest. We don’t need more remakes. just do something original.

  • Thanh Kimmenade

    I am a huge fan of Charmed and this reboot sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. This is my favourite show in the world I will be really upset if they ruin this show cause the show is the best in every way the original is anyway. I adore the old show it was so beautiful. I loved the power of three and I loved the book of shadows.

  • unknown

    It would be awesome im 11years old and i watched it on Netflix and i was addicted to it when piper cried i did and when leo made silly faces i laughed i was connected to all of the characters. When wyatt did something sillybi did what piper did. My dream is to become an actress and if i ever do all 3 of those great witches would be the 1st people i meet. I want to see a reboot and the next generation. They can come up with ideas to continue until the seasons hit their 2 digits they just have to think out the box and let things unfold. I can stay up for 24 hours watching charmed while dodging the chores my mom has required me to do. Now, if the cast can ignore my message and deny a reboot then ill give up on waiting for one but I think deep inside they know they have fans like me waiting. I watch charmed and I would want to be in a show like that, I’ve never been to acting class but its in me it really is. Ask all my friends I write scripts,plays,books,songs,raps, and I even make up dance moves just for fun.
    Ps.if I ever meet the cast they will know who I am. Just their biggest gigantic proportions fan. O and im not a stalker

  • lainya Baraggiotta

    When will charmed be back on cbs whats the official date im a huge fan please let me know lainya

  • lainya Baraggiotta

    When is the date it will be on

  • lolly

    Yas I agree it would be good

  • Debra Chiger

    ya that will be really cool i got all cd of charmed and a copy of book of shadow to love them they have movie out their to but charmed is number 1 in my book if i had to pick between charmed and witches of east end i pick charmed,111111111111111111111