The Fate of the Furious just broke a worldwide box office record. But there is one actor that is getting the most attention. Meet baby Carlos, the movie’s breakout star.

There are very few actors that can outshine Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, and Vin Diesel. But a young Georgia star has everyone talking. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the movie’s director found a star after posting a casting call for a baby in the film. As anyone who works in the film industry knows, working with children and teen actors can be tough but, it can be even harder casting the right baby actor.

“This kid was amazing. It’s very difficult to work with comedians, animals and kids. In that order,” says F. Gary Gray told THR. “It was amazing to see this kid perform when the cameras started to roll and we were all like, ‘Oh my God, did he just do that?’”

Baby Carlos was so talented that the movie’s director called him “the miracle baby.”

“He was really smiling all the time. One of the scenes…he was actually pulling Vin’s hand and saying, ‘da-da, da-da,'” she recalls. “I couldn’t believe it. He is going to have a big career.”

In the movie, there is a huge submarine battle scene where Jason Statham’s character is forced to save baby Carlos while taking down a team of bad guys. Here’s what the movie’s director had to say about filming that scene alongside baby Carlos.

“It’s something that I was very anxious and afraid to do. You ride a real fine line,” Gray says. “Now I know we have a lot of submarines and over-the-top stuff in this movie and it’s fun and titillating and it’s a Fast thing, but you have to thread the needle. We aren’t used to seeing Jason doing this as this character because there are a few chuckles in there.”

You can check out baby Carlos in the video below.