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Jason Mitchell

Actor Jason Mitchell Reveals How To Not Get Typecast

Actor Jason Mitchell shares his philosophy to staying relevant and avoiding getting typecast in Hollywood. Actor Jason Mitchell was an unknown actor before shocking and amazing audiences portraying N.W.A. rapper Eazy-E in “Straight Outta Compton,”...

Adam Driver Doesn’t Like Watching Himself in Movies (VIDEO)

"Star Wars" actor Adam Driver reveals filming in front of a green screen is challenging. It is very hard to imagine what it is like working on the set of a movie like "Star Wars"....
Leonardo DiCaprio

10 Best Acting Quotes From Actors Who’ve Made It

Do you want to become an actor? Well, sometimes the best acting advice comes from Hollywood's biggest actors. So here are the best acting tips from Hollywood's biggest actors. From Robert De Niro to Harrison...
Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson Shares Advice for Actors: “Take the Risk”

Dwayne Johnson: "I was willing to take the risk and then I became myself — it sounds funny to say that." Dwayne Johnson's new movie 'San Andreas' hits theaters in the next few weeks and...
Will Smith Bad Boys 3

Will Smith Shares Amazing Acting Advice: “Being Rejected Helped Me Act” (VIDEO)

Will Smith and Jaden Smith share amazing and inspiring acting advice In a press conference for Will Smith and Jaden Smith's hit movie 'After Earth,' the two actors shared their best acting tips for aspiring...
Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck Reveals How He Prepares for Every Role

Ben Affleck reveals how he finds and gets into character. In the Netflix thriller, "Triple Frontier," Ben Affleck stars as a member of an elite crew of soldiers and reunites with his former comrades to...

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