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Aspiring Filmmaker Went From Working in Walmart to Selling His Film in Walmart

Brandon Lewis went from working at Walmart to selling his movie in Walmart. Brandon Lewis worked in the electronics depart of a North Texas Walmart. But, he had a second job, working as a stand-up...
Chadwick Boseman

‘Black Panther’s Chadwick Boseman Shares Amazing Tips for Actors

Chadwick Boseman shares amazing tips for aspiring actors. After critically praised performances in movies like 42 and Get On Up, Chadwick Boseman became a household name. But the success of playing Marvel superhero Black Panther,...

How to Become an Influencer in 10 Steps

How can you become an influencer? Want to become a social media influencer? Here is an influencer marketing strategy that can help you become an influencer. 1. Find your niche - Whether you are interested in...
Acting Techniques

5 Acting Techniques You NEED to Know If You Want to Become an Actor

Here are 5 acting techniques you should know. You may not realize it, but there are several different techniques when it comes to acting. Several of your favorite Hollywood A-list actors all employe different acting techniques...
Body Language Actor Tips

Body Language Tips for Actors

Learn body language techniques to improve your chances at acting auditions. Outside of finding acting auditions, casting calls, talent agents, and managers, actors have to attend auditions and interviews to land a role. Actors are...
actor salary

The Average Salary of an Actor

Here's how much the average actor gets paid. Millions of people dream of becoming an actor but, a small fraction of those aspiring of making it in Hollywood know how much the average actor gets...

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