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how to become an actor

Three Reasons Why You Should NOT Feel Guilty About Becoming an Actor

Becoming an actor is tough. But, you should never feel guilty about working on your dream. After years of dreaming, and months of planning, you're minutes away from exploring new, better career opportunities as a...
Casting Director Tips

6 Things You Should NOT Say to a Casting Director

Here are six things you should never say to a casting director As you know, casting directors are the gatekeepers to your acting career, and with a social network, actors have even better chance to...

Matthew McConaughey Reveals His Secret to Acting [VIDEO]

Matthew McConaughey discusses how he finds his characters and his approach to acting. In this amazing video for the Film Society of Lincoln Center Oscar-winning actor, Matthew McConaughey discusses his Oscar-winning role in "Dallas Buyers...
Acting Audition

4 Acting Tips To Make You a Better Actor

Why Actors Should Use Auditions to Scope Out Producers and Casting Directors Finding the right production company to work with can be just as crucial to your acting career as the performance you do. So,...
Acting Audition Tips

4 Acting Audition Tips for Actors

Learn how to improve your audition with these four easy acting audition tips One of the biggest and probably one of the most important parts of being an actor is going through the audition process....
Hollywood Acting Tips

How to “Cheat” Your Way into Hollywood

How to cheat your way into Hollywood with this effective acting technique In the movie business, it is common to be asked to "Cheat". Cheating is moving your body unnaturally to make it look better...

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