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Should You Put Extra Work on Your Job Resume?

Working as a background extra, you can fill up your resume pretty quickly. The length of a background actor's employment on a production largely depends on the needs of the director and the scene(s) being...

[WATCH] Everything You Need to Know About Headshots

Here is everything you need to know your professional acting headshot. Your headshot is your passport into the entertainment industry. But, do you really need one? In an interview discusssion and piece by Arvold Casting's...
Project Casting

Have a Movie Idea? BET Wants to Buy Your Script and Make Your Movie

Do you have a great movie idea? Do you have a movie script and would like to see that film brought to life? If so, then BET is looking for you. At the Sundance Film...
Project Casting

Can Actors Destroy The Casting Couch By Banning Hotel Auditions?

In a move to end the casting-couch culture in the film industry, the SAG-AFTRA, a leading American actors’ union, has urged filmmakers to stop holding auditions in hotel rooms or their homes. SAG issued a...
Project Casting

T.J. Miller’s Emoji Movie Audition is Amazing [VIDEO]

Here's what it's like to audition for the upcoming Emoji movie. As we pointed out in the past, Sony Animation is currently developing an Emoji movie and casting directors are now casting actors, models, and talent to...
Jennifer Lawrence Mystique

Jennifer Lawrence Dislocated a Rib On Set of ‘Mother!’

Jennifer Lawrence dislocated a rib hyperventilating on set. Darren Aronofsky's next movie has an all-star cast including Jennifer Lawrence, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Javier Bardem. The new movie Mother! centers around a couple whose lives begin...

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