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5 Ways Exercise Turns You Into a Better Actor

Learn how exercising can make you into a wannabe actor into an A-List actor. Acting is tough. Between acting classes, updating your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts, and actually performing well in front of a...
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3 Things You Should Do After Having an Audition

Continue to apply for roles after having a great audition it will keep your spirit up. If you have a good audition with a casting director, it's pretty easy to wait and sit back for their...
Acting Tip Business Card

5 Tips Actors Should be Using on their Business Cards

How to make yourself stand out as an actor with only your business card. Actors, models and talents have to always focus on branding and marketing themselves. One popular way of getting your name out...
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Love Screenwriting? Overbrook Entertainment and Will Smith’s America’s Newest Scriptwriter Contest

The ANA Alliance for Family Entertainment, James Lassiter and Will Smith of Overbrook Entertainment are searching for America's Newest TV Scriptwriters. ABOUT THE CONTEST Will Smith and James Lassiter of Overbrook Entertainmed are working together with the...
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How to Win an All-Expense Paid Trip to Sundance and Year-Long Mentorship

Are you an aspiring filmmaker? Sundance and Adobe Project 1324 are joining forces for the annual Sundance Ignite Short Film Challenge, which awards filmmakers an all-expenses-paid trip to Sundance in addition to a year-long mentorship...
Ryan Goslingvideo

Ryan Gosling Shares Amazing Tips For Aspiring Actors (VIDEO)

Ryan Gosling shares tips for aspiring actors and the acting process behind the First Man. In a recent interview with Ryan Gosling and the SAG-AFTRA Foundation for the Georgia-filmed feature film First Man, Gosling shared his experiences working...

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