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On Camera Acting Audition Tips- How to Frame Yourself on Camera

On camera acting audition? Learn how to stay in the frame of the camera in this free video clip about starting an acting career. Lori Wyman Casting presents a video on On Camera Auditioning Techniques...
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Want More Camera Time? Cheating Your Eyeline

In the movie business it is common to be asked to "Cheat". Cheating is moving your body unnaturally to make it look better on camera. There a ton of different "cheats" that happen on set....
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Free Acting Lessons – 4 Tips to Improve your Audition

One of the biggest and probably one of the most important parts of being an actor is going through the audition process. An audition is similar to a regular job interview. Your headshot, resume,...
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Acting Tips: Emotional Preparation

Within Acting comes a what is often times neglected by many professional acting classes and that is discerning the difference between Emotions vs. Feeling. Or, typically known as emotional preparation. This video does a great...
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Acting Lessons – Hitting Your Mark

Free Acting Tip Sometimes being an actor is more than just portraying a character accurately, and efficiently. But, it requires learning the subtleties of acting in order to become a great actor. One of the biggest...
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Acting Tips: How to Build a Character

Jennifer Rae is an Equity Actor who has been involved in all aspects of acting including Theatre and screen for more than 20 years. In her acting tip "Acting 101: How to Build a Character"...

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