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Crazy Acting Tips

Researchers Reveal What Personality Disorders Most Actors Have (STUDY)

Researchers reveal the personality disorders most actors have. In a recent study, University College of London psychologists Mark Davison and Adrian Furnham, researched if actors are narcissistic or if they exhibit any other mental head...
Project Casting

How Morgan Freeman Nearly Destroyed His Acting Career

Morgan Freeman's personal promise nearly destroyed his acting career. It's hard to beleive that an actor as talented as Morgan Freeman would struggle to land an acting job. But, the 78-year-old Hollywood actor says that's...
Project Casting

AT&T is Now Looking for Aspiring Filmmakers

Tribeca Film Institute has partnered with AT&T for AT&T Presents: Untold Stories. The new program from TFI will give out serious cash to a diverse storyteller. In fact, winners will be able to land a...
School Daze Too

Spike Lee Reveals 87 ‘Essential’ Movies Every Aspiring Director Should See

Spike Lee shares his essential film list. Love him or hate him, Spike Lee is a talented filmmaker who has made culture shattering movies. But, did you know Spike is a NYU professor? Well, Spike...
Netflix Stranger Things

Netflix Actors See Major Boost in Instagram Followers (Study)

Netflix reveals which actors received the biggest boost in Instagram followers after appearing in a Netflix production. Recently, casting directors and producers have revealed the number of followers an actor has is directly related to...
Abigail Spencer

How to Become a Working Actor (Video)

Learn how to become a working actor. What famous actors typically grab all the attention, it is a goal for most actors to land a job. Whether would be a single speaking of mind to...

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