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Project Casting

How the Casting Director for ‘Louie’ Finds New Talent

The casting director behind Louie C.K.'s hit TV show Louie reveals how she finds and casts actors for the hit TV series. Louie is one of the most popular shows on the FX Network. Mixing awkward comedy with...
Kristen Stewart Advice

4 MAJOR Differences Between Bad Acting and Good Acting

Here are the four major differences between bad acting and good acting. Have you ever wanted to know the difference between good and bad acting? You would assume it would be hours upon hours of...
Project Casting

Actor Kal Penn Reveals Racism in Hollywood

Have you ever wondered what kind of roles an Indian-American actor gets? In a series of illuminating tweets actor, Kal Penn posted screenshots of various scripts he had received in the early years of his...
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Megan Markle Reveals The Acting Tip That Changed Her Life

Megan Markle is probably one of the most famous women in the world since her Royal engagement was announced. But the acting success that gave her the platform to hang out with celebrities and meet...
Project Casting

Have a Movie Idea? Amazon Studios is Looking for YOU!

Amazon Studios is looking for the next great movie or TV show idea. The streaming company behind some of the biggest movies and TV series including Bosch and Transparent is looking for the next great movie idea. From Amazon Studios: ...
Project Casting

Need an Agent? Manikin Talent Agency Open Call

The extremely popular and well known Manikin Talent Agency is currently holding an open casting call! If you currently do not have an agent or an agency representing you, then this is the perfect...

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