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Project Casting

Should You Send a Thank You Letter After an Audition?

Do thank you letters increase your chances after an audition? Many times people forget that you should always be professional even as an actor and the little things that you do as an actor can go...

Get Paid $10,000 To Film Your Next Short Film

Are you an aspiring filmmaker? SmashCut Film Lab will pay you $10,000 to make your next short film under the guidance of Taliesin Nexus. This year's focus will be on adaptations, from real people to...
Project Casting

Nick Animation Studios’ Writing Program is Now Accepting Submissions

Nickelodeon Animation Studios writing program is now looking for aspiring screenwriters. Are you an aspiring screenwriter? Do you have experience writing scripts for TV shows and movies and you're interested in taking it to the...
Project Casting

Can You Tell the Difference Between an Expensive versus a Cheap Headshot? (VIDEO)

Traditionally, the main reason why headshots are so expensive is due to the fact many photographers have invested so much money in upscale lighting and camera equipment. But, as we have shown in the...
Good Time Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson Reveals His Secret Audition Technique

Robert Pattinson used to change his accents for auditions because he didn’t want casting directors to know where he was from. Robert Pattinson revealed he would adopt an American accident and put on a character...
Project Casting

How to Spot a GREAT Talent Agent [VIDEO]

Want to find a great talent agent? Here's what a talent agent should be doing for you. A great talent agent is a gateway to the film industry. However, in any profession their are winners...

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