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How Realistic is the Movie ‘San Andreas’?

How realistic is the earthquake in Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's summer movie, 'San Andreas'? Could an earthquake be felt from California all the way to the East Coast? Can it rock number so high that...
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LAPD Increases Security for ‘Straight Outta Compton’ Premeire

LAPD is stepping up security for the premiere of N.W.A Biopic 'Straight Outta Compton'. According to reports, metal detectors and members of the Gang Enforcement division of the LAPD will be deployed for the red-carpet...
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Latest Netflix News is Great News for Aspiring Actors

Netflix is on track to have over 1,000 original shows released in 2018, which is great news for the film industry. Netflix has announced a major plan to create a massive libary of original programming. Now...
Will Ferrell Reagan

Will Ferrell To Play Ex-President Ronald Reagan in New Movie

Will Ferrell is going to play Ronald Reagan in an upcoming feature film. Will Ferrell is a jack of all trades. He's able to step into any movie role and bring that character to life....
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Midnight Rider: Federal Investigation Reveals Horrifying Details

Federal Investigation shows that Sarah Jones and crew members were kept in the dark regarding the train's safety. New details surrounding the death of 27-year-old camerawoman, Sarah Jones during the first day of filming on Midnight...
Chris Hemsworth Thor

Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson Spotted in Atlanta for ‘Avengers 4’

The next Avengers movie hits theaters next year and Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor, has just finished filming his reshoot scenes in Atlanta, Georgia. While these reshoots may not seem like a big deal, fans...

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