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Hasbro’s ‘My Little Pony’ Movie is Coming Soon

Hasbro Studios is creating a 'My Little Pony' movie to the big screen in 2017. Thanks to the wildly successful Transformers franchise, the GI Joe TV series, Hollywood is extremely interested turning toys in feature films. Adam Sandler's production company, Happy...
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‘Empire’ Drip Drops Two New Songs for Season 2

'Empire' releases two new songs featuring Pitbull and Ne-Yo. Empire is releasing a few new songs ahead of the hit series' season two premiere. The hip-hop drama released two new songs on the show's Vevo page Thursday. "No...
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Atlanta-Filmed ‘Being Mary Jane’ Just Got Canceled

Gabrielle Union’s hit TV series is set to end in 2018 with a two-hour series finale. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Atlanta-filmed TV series is coming to an end. "Being Mary Jane has been a...
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Christian Bale’s ‘Exodus’ Movie Nearly a Box Office Disaster

Ridley Scott's controversial movie, Exodus: Gods and Kings opened this weekend, which had everyone expecting the movie to be a box office disaster. While the movie was not the biggest bomb ever, the movie didn't get...

STUDY: People Feel Safer at Movie Theaters than at Work

Despite mass shootings becoming a more common occurrence in the United States a new study is quite surprising. Terrorist attacks in San Bernadino, California and Paris have put National Security to the forefront of politics...
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‘Ghost in the Shell’ Boycott Petition Goes Viral

Fans are bashing the upcoming Ghost in the Shell and a new petition is going viral. The backlash against Ghost in the Shell is reaching an all-time high. Following reports that producers tested digital visual effects to make actors...

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