Few shows come around that impact the audience every episode, especially in the first season! NBC’s Revolution is currently casting actors to play in several upcoming roles for the first season. This is a great opportunity to unleash your inner Sci-Fi acting, and participate in what will become one of the hottest shows to ever be on television.

If you are interested in being a part of NBC’s Revolution, leave us a comment below and let us know why you would like to be considered for a role!

Few shows come around that impact the audience every episode, especially in the first season!

Revolution is an upcoming American Science Fiction dramatic TV series that will air on NBC on Mondays. The network recently placed a series order in May 2012 after filming the pilot in Atlanta, Georgia. The series is created by Eric Kripke and is produced by J.J. Abrams and Bryan Burk. Iron Man director Jon Favreau directed the pilot episode and the series is set to premiere September 17, 2012.

 Revolution takes place in the future. Fifteen years earlier, an unknown event caused all advanced technology on the planet to cease. Including all computers, electronics, jet engines and batteries. People were forced to adapt to a world without technology, and because the lack of a structured government, many areas are controlled by warlords and militias. The series focuses on the Matheson family, who possess an item that is the key not only to finding out what happened fifteen years ago, but also may have the ability to reverse what happened. But, they must avoid many enemies who want to use the power for themselves. Revolution features Billy Burke, Tracy Spiridakos, Anna Lise Phillips, Graham Rogers, and J.D Pardo. Revolution is also produced in association with J.J. Abrams, Bryan Burk, and Eric Kripke with Warner Bros. Television and Bad Robot Productions.
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  1. I Love this show and believe i would be a perfect fit.Please let me know what i need to do to get involved.

  2. I would be a great fit for this show!
    I can resend my resume.
    Steven Michalak

  3. After watching last nights final I am sure i would be a perfect fit for Miles new army. I have a military background and am currently a private investigator. This is an adventure i need to be part of,please consider me for the show,Thanks Mike

  4. I have been an actress for 25 years, with many prinicpal and supporting roles in films…am professional, passionate about the industry, and have always dreamed of being a post apocalyptic character- I would love to work alongside these gifted artists, would love to wear the fabulous wardrobe, and I have been told I look good with a gun !!!! Revolution ROCKS!!!!

  5. I am extremely interested in the opportunity to have a part in this series. I have extensive active fitness experience as well as martial arts/self-defense training and dance, which has helped me to become more flexible, agile, and stronger than I thought I could be. Please let me know if a resume can be sent to the casting agents even if not for the specific roles listed above.

  6. Hello, my name is Brittanee Schaupp. I am 17-years-old and I live in Indiana. Acting, is, always has been, and always will be my dream. Acting means everything to me. Acting, to me, is like breathing — I can’t live without it. I was created, wanting to be an Actress. I never have, and never will want to be anything else. Acting is my dream, and I will never give up until I am an Actress. No matter how hard I have to work for it, or how long it takes me, I will never give up on my dream. I just want to start off by saying, “Revolution” is my all-time favorite show. It beats every show ever created. I remember watching the commercials, and knowing it was going to be my favorite show. I never miss a single episode. I get so into it, I feel I am actually living it with them. This would definitely be my dream acting job. I can’t even put into words how much being on “Revolution” would mean to me. I can do any type of role you throw at me. Psycho, angry, shy, scared, gullible, happy, childish, anything. Being cast in “Revolution” would definitely be a dream come true for me. If you are interested in giving me a chance, please e-mail me. Thanks so much. Brittanee Schaupp.

  7. My name is Jamal Wheeler and im a struggling aspiring actor looking to be apart of something special that NBC has created, my famliy and i enjoy watching Revolution and it would be so exciting and breath-taking to be apart of the experince, i wanna be able to make something out of myself from this not only as an actor but also as a businessman who can follow directions well without any complications. Thank You for this Opportunity !!

  8. We have 2 actors that would be absolutely great for this show. They are dynamic actors with versatility in any genre of the acting world. Drama, suspense and comedy as well. Syfy would be what would bring out their talent even more

  9. Hi, I am a Extra/actor in Atlanta area.Let me know if you film any episodes here? thank you,Esther Gail!

  10. The writer mentioned how to get involved. Read the article. At the bottom has an email address and subject line to put in. So, instead of leaving a comment, apply directly to the casting agency. Do you really think the casting agency is going to read through comments and then send you an email? C’mon. Follow the instructions at the bottom of the article.

  11. Yes, I would love to be an extra in this series. Absolutely love the show. I think I would be fit for this. Please let me know what I have to do.

  12. I do have a drive for shows like this, and normally when am looking at shows like this , I could tell what’s the next move before it happens.
    I watch shows like this very late at night, am a big fan as an actress coming out in the movie business.
    I am very sure with out a doubt, that am great with action movies.
    Perfect for this is an understatement .

  13. im 5’8 135lbs 20 years old athletic shirt small pants 30/30 or 30/32 jacket 36 shoe size 8 never done anything like this but seems like it would be Fun to try.

  14. Personally, I think this is an amazing show and would love the opportunity to be on it. I have just started out in an acting career (besides Christmas plays and small skits here and there) and would love to be an extra. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected]
    Thank you for this opportunity,
    Sarah McNeill

  15. My name is Savannah and i’m interested in becoming an actress. I’m 21 years old, I weigh about 120 pounds and i’m about 5ft 4in tall. I’m very outgoing and i’m fun to be around. I would love an opportunity to show what I can do! I hope you consider me!!

  16. I have been acting my entire life. i just graduated with a BA in theatre and performance studies and I am excited to be able to take on professional tv/film roles now that I don’t have classes and homework and college productions to worry about. I would be a great asset to the cast because i work well with everyone and have plenty of experience. I can send my resume and headshot if you would like.

  17. I would love to be a part of this amazing and original show. I’ve been watching from the beginning and they hook me in each week. Also I’m young and hoping to become a well experienced actress one day.

  18. I would like to be considered for a role. I have acting experience. I love to travel and I love future type series. Im 5,7 with red hair and hazel eyes and 22 years old. would like to send my resume.

  19. I’m capable, hard-working, experienced and ALWAYS up for a challenge. Sci-Fi hits on the creative AND intellectual for people, and I’d love to be a part of it.

  20. My name is Tevin Knight 18 years old and I’m going to be honest I don’t have an agent (yet) this would be my first time acting professionally and for some reason you should still hire me I’m a student at the New York film academy I’m honestly the loudest and most energetic teen you could ever meet and I can follow orders. Now the only way I can one day direct television shows myself is to get hands on experience on actual sets I’m looking forward to working with you all and keep in mind every great man and woman in this business started somewhere why can’t I start with you guys and trust me I’m not a bad actor take care and thank you for taking the time to hear me out

    Contact Info
    908 655 7439 (cell)

    973 379 1966 (home)

  21. I am a professional actor in canada. I have 8 credits on IMDB and I have extensive experience and education in the entertainment/performing arts industry. I love this shows concept and the interpersonal struggles/relationships and would love to appear in the series. feel free to check out my imdb http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4131792/ and I hope to hear back from you

  22. I am a new face, and am looking forward to gaining more experience 🙂 I work for UPS and I can get all the time I need off. I love road trips and can travel no problem . Thanks you and I hope to hear back from you soon! Regina Pisula

  23. Hello,

    My name is Deardra and I believe I would be a great fit for this show. I currently have open availability and have transportation to travel. Feel free to contact me via email at [email protected] or phone at 3174371392.

    Thanks for your consideration,
    Deardra Pyles

  24. Hello I’m Fred Capitano 54yrs old retired construction demolition,ex military,Actor have IMDB credits also review explore talent resume,,was in music video as the announcer with Roy Jones jr, also was in photo shoot scary Holloween ,I’ve done several shoots with Stars and country music stars so entertainment ,and movies is cool to do just getting called is the trick.Thank you Fred the Gambler Capitano

  25. My name is Anna Laino, stage name Anna Lindenson (so as not to be associated with adult actress Olivia Laino). 16 years old, female, 120lbs, 5’3″, short black hair and brown eyes. Lives in Rockford, IL area. Has done approx. 2 dozen plays, films, concerts and dance recitals. Sings, dances and models as well as acts.

    I’m very much interested in this. Will any casting calls come to IL?

  26. My name is Jose T. 15 years old, white Caucasian from Canada Edmonton AB. I started my acting career last year. No acting jobs are available in my area; I decided to look up at acting jobs as main principal roles out-In Canada. I have an agency. On November 19 Last year, I joined an agency whom had work before with brad Pitt and Angelica Julie. I’d been before as an extra in a CTV commercial, days after I joined my agency. I speak both English and Spanish.
    Height: 5’10/ hazel eyes/ dark brown hair. Please contact me for my professional photos or more info at: [email protected]

  27. (Sorry, added few more things) My name is Jose T. 15 years old, white Caucasian from Canada Edmonton AB. I started my acting career last year. No acting jobs are available in my area; I decided to look up at acting jobs as main principal roles out-In Canada, perhaps in U.S or Australia. I belong to an agency. On November 19 Last year, I joined an agency whom had worked before with brad Pitt and Angelica Julie. I’d been before as an extra in a CTV commercial, days after I joined my agency. I speak both English and Spanish.
    Height: 5’10/ hazel eyes/ dark brown hair. Please contact me for my professional photos or more info at: [email protected]

  28. Hi, my name is Christy Pierce. I am a fresh new face, very athletic, and capable of performing basic to intermediate stunts. I am interested in auditioning in any roles that I may be fit for.

    I stood in for IVANA MILICIVIC full-time on ‘BANSHEE’, and for CLAIRE DAINES on ‘HOMELAND’ part-time, and attended acting classes. I am now ready to take my career to the next level.

    About Me:

    Name: Christy Pierce
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Age Range: 28-45
    Hair: Blonde
    Eyes: Hazel
    Height: 5′ 6″
    Weight: 124

    Website: http://www.christypierce.com
    Email: [email protected]com
    800 Casting Profile: http://800casting.com/profile/86078/0?print=False

    Thank you!

  29. Robert Reece
    21 years old, from Dallas, Texas. 5’11” 170 very athletic build, under 10% bf, light brown hair, green eyes.

    Currently a personal trainer, would love to expand out into acting. Very personable, easy to get along with, very dedicated and always positive!

  30. I would love to be apart of your cast. Ive been wanting to act for a while now. Im 20 years old and I live in Michigan. Im willing to travel to any location for a chance to live my dreams. I want so badly to be apart of such a great television show!

  31. i would love you to consider me apart of this show because, being without light water technology is something iv experience very long time…so it would be absolutely a honor if you picked me

  32. I love you Show and I would make a great regular on the Good side/Rebel I am an excellent actor with great Improve Skills as well. 50 can play 38-55 would love to be involved in your show.

    Noah Staggs
    Height: 5′ 9”
    Weight: 200
    Hair Color: Blond
    Age Range: 38-55
    Cell: 541•218•5651
    Email: [email protected]

    The Call Partygoer Vanishing Angle/ Director: Scott Rodgers
    Pass the Light Campaign Supporter Vision Vehicle Productions/ Malcolm Goodwin
    It’s Dark Here Restaurant Patron Cinepix Studios / Director Adam Coplan
    Fruitvale Bart Police Officer Forest Whitaker / Significant Productions
    Contagion Doctor Warner Bros / Steven Soderbergh

    Beverly Hills Pawn Noah Staggs Himself Asylum Entertainment/ Director Cherisse
    Blood Relatives Detective Dove Mike Mathis Productions/ Jim Edwards
    New Years Eve Spooktacular Riot Police Officer Absolutely Productions/Andrew Barchilon
    Christmas Nightmare Mini Series New York Police Officer Elaine Gibson/ Producer Indigo

    Clearview Energy Fater Lead Matt Caponi Director
    DISH Network / National Sports Guy Bob Caudill / Producer/Director
    San Francisco Academy of Arts The Coach, Lead Hunter Hayden/ Director
    Big Italian Pizzeria Restaurant The Champ, Lead Kelly Barr/ Director
    Make it Green Smoothies Border Patrol Officer Aletha Nowitsky/ Producer, Director

    Maxim Integrated Products Corporate CEO and Engineer Element Digital Media / Jon Emerson

    Music Video
    UNGRATEFUL Lynch’s Dad Frankie Nasso Director / Nova Entertainment

    Merchant of Venice Antonio, Lead Wayd Drake, Rogue Valley Community

    Russia GQ magazine Background Model Photographer Scott Garrison

    Acting 1
    Acting 2
    Brian Scott
    Hester Schell
    Film Acting Bay Area
    Film Acting Bay Area
    Improv Elaine Clark Voice One
    Theatre Arts Wayd Drake Rogue Valley Community College

    Improv, Snow skiing, kayaking, wood working, boating, horseback riding, weightlifting, mountain biking,
    motorcycle riding, water-skiing, rock climbing, football, baseball, basketball, softball, truck driving, race-car
    driving, I play an african “ tongue-drum ”.

    Thank you,

    Noah Staggs
    [email protected]

  33. John Westley Dean IV
    Must say as a actor I love the concept of the show and as a fan I say glued to the tube. I would love the opportunity to be a part of the cast.
    Age: 37
    Range: 25-40
    Hit: 5’11”
    Wt: 199
    [email protected]
    Slam management
    678-612-4651(Rodney Harris)

    (404) 326-8985 4872 Sierra Way Atlanta, GA 30349

    Hair: Black/Bald Eyes: Brown Height: 6″ Weight: 190

    TV/ Film and Commercial
    Production Role Production Companies/Studios
    Madea Family Reunion Family member (extra) Tyler Perry Studios
    ATL Skater (extra) Warner Brothers
    City Hall East Carlton (Victors Assistant) Devine Communications
    Stomp the Yard Student (Extra) Sony Pictures
    We Are Marshall Coach Reel Sports Films
    House of Pain Man (Dancer) Tyler Perry Studios
    Three Can Play That Game Gym Trainer (featured extra) Fox Pictures
    Partly Cloudy Ray (Lead) Peoples Film
    The Quiet Storm Michael Kennedy (Lead Male) Lion Gate Films
    Single Ladies Latin lover (extra) boutique party CLC Casting Necessary Roughness Bull Rider featured extra CLC Casting
    New Life (Pilot) Jay Peoples TV

    Maxim Magazine July 2006 (model). Ice House
    Macy’s. June 2006 (model). Macy’s
    Macy’s/king fashion July 2007. Macy’s
    Christian Andrews. Aug. 2008. (model) runway

    Dope Opera. John Atlantis. (Lead). Body Production
    Smooth talker Darrin(Lead) Michelle production
    Echoes in my Blues John (Lead). A Curesa O Production

    All army track and field collegiate star former us army solider
    Repelling skydiving mixed martial arts training

  34. my name is Trevis Wallace age 17 My parents greatly support my career choice. I am a huge fan of the show very unique show and would love the opportunity at age 17 to be able to be a part of this show I am a hard worker and very energitic with ideas and have a great personality. I would will be willing to travel and would love to be extras if that is what it takes to be on set! Any opportunity is a learning experience. If you would like a resume or headshot feel free to email me 🙂

    Thank you!

  35. Hello my name is Somkele Iyamah. I am 24years old. I would love to be a part of this production because I see tremendous potential for touching stories that a global audience can relate to. There is barely anything that functions in this age without some form of technology, a simple calculator wouldn’t even work! The power struggle would be a fantastic thing to portray as well. Coming from Nigeria, I know too well about power struggles and its rebounding effects. I feel I should be given the chance to be a part of this production because I believe in the story and the concept as well as having the talent to pull off a befitting role.

    Name: Somkele Iyamah
    Age: 24years
    Height: 5ft11in
    Bust: 35in
    waist: 27.5in
    hips: 40in
    Eyes: dark brown
    Complexion:Light skinned (tanned)

    email:[email protected]

  36. Hopefully whoever needs to see this, SEE’S IT. Would love to be a fresh face on the show. Would be the BEST person you would fine. Can play a rage of nationalities, don’t want to upload picture due to identity thefts and what not. Hope to hear from a director.

  37. I think I should be considered for a role in revolution because of my interest in the show. I feel like as an actor you need to be intrigued with the story in order to portray a character as well as doing that character justice. I love the storyline and the characters. I live in the wilmington area. I feel as though I’d be a good contributor to the show. I look at acting incredbily serious and want this to be a part of my life. Hoping to hear from someone. Able to send resume as well as headshots.

  38. I am very talented when put in a situation to play a role of any type. I will bring entertainment and an enjoyable experience to my fellow actors and director. Lastly I will embrace the opportunity by doing my best to help the business and show. II hope to receive feedback from the director to further the casting call,, thank you.

  39. Yeah….my life is Incredibly dull at the moment. Actually..most moments. This would change that. Pick me!

  40. I think I would be a perfect fit for this role because I absolutely love this show and I think I can deliver the fresh face the show needs. I’ve been a celebrity beauty esthetician based in Los Angeles for many years and I have a knowledgeable background in the entertainment industry. This seems like an exciting opportunity and I am confident that I will be able to play a character that will draw an audience and viewers. Please contact me via email for more information and headshots. Thanks!

  41. Hello, my name is Brittanee Schaupp. I am 17 years old and I currently live in Indiana. Here are some things you should know about me: (I have naturally dark brown hair. It is currently red but can easily be dyed back. I have crystal blue eyes, long, straight hair, and I stand at 5′ 4″. I am left handed, and I am great at drawing and creative writing. I love animals more than anyone, and will always be there voice. I love them more than I love people. I am against animal abuse of any kind. I will always speak my mind, but I am the first person to stand up for someone who needs it. I am protective.
    Acting is, always has been, and always will be my dream. I have never wanted anything else, and never will. It is my life. It means everything to me. I was created wanting to be an Actress, and knowing I would be someday. Acting to me, is like breathing — something I need and can’t live without. My favorite kind of work is with angry, psychotic, twisted roles. I can really tap into any emotion, but those are my best. This would definitely be the biggest dream acting job I could ever imagine being in. It is 100% hands down the perfect job for me. I have waited for a job like this for as long as I can remember. I will never give up on my dream. No matter how long it takes more or how hard I have to work, I will akways go after it. If you want to consider me, you have my email. Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to read this. Sincerely, Brittanee. IN, USA

  42. I am a huge fan of the show and feel like I would be a great fit! I am 20 years old but look a lot younger, 5’2″, blue eyes, blonde/brown hair! I feel I can bring a fresh face and energy to the set! you can contact me at [email protected] Have a nice day. Samantha MD,USA

  43. Austin Texas area. I am looking forward to Revolution filming here.
    I am the rough Redneck next door that gets things done. I have worked on other action movies doing stunts.
    6ft tall. Red hair, blue eye’s 180lb and 49yrs old, in great shape and CAN do any task given.
    I have a 400ac ranch 45miles East of Austin that keeps me very busy, It would be great for filming with it’s heavy wooded creek bottom , brush covered hills and over 200ac. of open fields . All fields are covered with wild grass and uncut.
    I hope to hear from you. Thank you for your time.
    Rick Beasley

  44. Hello. I heard a few weeks ago that you were going to be filming in Austin, Texas. I have lived in Austin for over 20 years. I am not an actress but would love to be considered as an extra, help with set-up, props, etc. I have worked in Advertising – from media buying to production. I am also in contact with Darrell Darnell. He currently does a Revolution podcast at GoldenSpiralMedia.com.

    Thank you for your time.
    Carolee Wilson

  45. Looking forward to Revolution in Austin. would love more info on castings as they become available.

  46. Hi my name Christopher B. Reyes.I am currently living in Austin, TX. I am 13 years old and I would love to be a part of the cast of revolution. My family and I have never missed an episode of revolution and I believe that with a little bit of practice I can be a good extra in Revolution.

  47. I have about 8 years of acting training with John Robert Powers and have done a few regional commercials and bits on TV shows. I am crazy about SYFY and want to have my own SYFY show one day.

  48. Amber Saxon

    22 y/o

    hazel-green eyes/dirty blonde hair

    athletic build/flexible/great at stealth and statue

    in Ishinryu Karate/Escrima

    Has experience with bows/guns/horses/driving (tank)

    Hi, I know this is an old page, but I just thought I’d give it a shot to see if I would get a response back. I have just recently come across the audition information for Season 2 auditions/Extras and Add-Ins and have signed up for them, but have searched everywhere for the actual locations of the auditions besides the answers of “Rusk, Tx and Austin, Tx”. I am so devoted to getting to these auditions that I have searched the whole web to find anything on it besides the On Location Casting site’s information and have yet been successful. I just recently started watching the show and was instantly in love with not only the storyline, but also the cast and amazing directors gifts. Everyone would go on about how great they are for a role, but I am everything you are searching for. I’m the most devoted person you would ever meet and to show it I am willing to stay on set for the whole duration of the shooting just to help out and stand in. I have had a lot of experience in acting from high school plays to college films and a civic theater. I currently work for my parents helping run our family business, but can leave instantly anytime I am called. I’m willing to travel, work, assist, and change minor features to aid in the finishing for this season’s Revolution. I would do just about anything just to help out and at least have this to add to my resume. To me, it would be much more than just an honor.
    Photos of me from the past 6 months or so. Face shot is from 3 months ago.
    Contact information: [email protected]
    phone number: cell (903)570-5289
    work (903)825-7267
    Thank you for your time and consideration.

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