Producers for MTV are currently seeking solo-dancers for an upcoming series (Beyond Dance) on MTV.

MTV recently announced that they are teaming up with Zodiak USA and are working with world-renowned choreographers Rich and Tone.

Currently, producers are seeking “versatile, cutting edge solo dancers of all styles- including fire and water dancers, acrobats/aerialists, trampoline artists, capoeira specialists, new wave b-boys, etc.”

For, what seems like, a new dance show like you’ve never seen before!
According to the casting call, “Beyond Dance” will challenge extreme dancers in the most intense, creative dance competition to date.

Apply now by emailing [email protected] with your name, city, email, phone, dancing accomplishments and a link/short video of you dancing.


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  1. Figures I finally find a dancers audition and it is for “extreme” dancers lol…why is it that no one needs Caucasian dancers under 20?!

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