Casting directors are currently casting for Michael Bay’s Almanac filming in Atlanta, Georgia.

Michael Bay has to be  busy. Between filming Transformers Sequel, he is producing another project, Almanac, also known as “Cinema One”.

OLV, recently reported that Michael Bay is currently producing Almanac in Atlanta and background casting for this project will be helmed by CL Casting.

Like most of Michael Bay’s projects, little is known about Almanac. But, The Hollywood Reporter, recently pointed out that there are two major competing time travel movies.

Almanac is one of two competing found footage projects that has time travel at its core. DreamWorks is making Glimmer, and earlier this week THR reported that Shameless star Jeremy Allen White was the first person to board that production.

Both projects are attempting to keep a tight a lid on their respective details. It is known, however, that Glimmer revolves around a time portal while Almanac centers on the creation of a time machine.”

Also, Almanac has a budget of $12 million dollars versus Dreamwork’s “Glimmer” that has a whomping $15 million dollar budget.

Almanac is directed by Dean Israelite and written by Andrew Stark and Jason Pagan, two first time writers.

CL Casting is currently seeking actors for a variety of roles in the feature film. They are seeking music lovers, girls in bikinis and bras, as well as people in costumes. If you are interested, see the casting call information below.


Michael Bay’s Almanac Casting Call Information

“Cinema One”. For all of the roles below here, please submit 3 pictures, height, weight, age and phone number to

ASIAN BOY – Looking for 6-9 Year Old Asian Boy to portray a younger version of one of our lead characters!! Works Monday June 24th on Cinema One. Acting experience is a huge plus, but we will be willing to work with a non-actor if they have the proper look.
Subject for Submission: Younger A

Music Lovers – Seeking people that LOVE music. This is a famous outdoors music party, so we are looking for people that like to attend concerts like Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo.. etc. Works Tuesday June 25th and June 26th Subject for Submission: Music Partier

Girls in Bikinis – Looking for girls willing to wear bikinis on screen and possibly play in the water! Works Tuesday June 25th and June 26th. (For a large outdoors music party. You must be available both days.) Subject for Submission: Bikini Girl

Girls in Bras – Looking for girls willing to wear their underwear on screen! Works Tuesday June 25th and June 26th.  Subject for Submission: Underwear Girl

60’s/70’s Style – Looking for partiers with 60’s or 70’s style.  Works Tuesday June 25th and June 26th Subject for Submission: 60’s style or 70’s Style

People in Costumes – Looking for all different types of costumes to be walking around in the crowd at this party! Send us your best pictures!! We are looking for simple and elaborate costumes from angel wings to anime! Works Tuesday June 25th and June 26th Subject for Submission: Costume

Which movie do you think is going to do better? Interested in a role? Leave us a comment below and let us know what you think!


  1. I could definitely can qualify as one of those Music Partier (Music Lovers)!:) I believe both movies (depends on the outcome/finish product) can do better on the box office. Considering Michael Bay's great rapport with the audience on doing blockbuster movies!

  2. I’m a 12 year old Male, I dont know if its possible to give me a spot in the movie, but I do have some experience with acting, I’ve taken a few acting classes and an acting camp, I also am not very easily stage frightened, in 4th grade I did stand up comedy for my school’s talent show, all of my friends, friend’s parents, family, and even my teacher said I did an excellent job.
    I am a volunteer with a non-profit organization called Young Eagles, it is funded by donations from pilots, and the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association), got to to learn more about Young Eagles. I’m also in CAP (Civil Air Patrol) it is the USAFAUX (USAF Auxillary) go to to learn more about CAP. I’m learning how to fly single engined propellor planes, soon I will be going to a camp in Oshkosh Wisconsin, there, is the EAA headquarters, i’ll be staying in a lodge on campus, I have 5.2 hours overall of flight time logged in a flight logbook.
    I’m about 5′ 3″, I have Red hair, my eyes are Green/Hazel colored.
    I live in Gwinnett County GA, that’s about 45 minutes from Atlanta GA where you guys are filming.
    I love to act and I have been searching for an acting opportunity since I was 11, I was into acting when I was little, but I wasn’t very serious about it, now I am. I have been complimented on my acting abilities by a professinal actor (not famous just professional), I have been wanting to take my acting skill to another, more serious level and test myself in the process. I want to do something in acting that I can look back at and be proud of myself for it.
    Please consider what i have said, thank you for taking your time to read this.

    Colyne Massey

  3. Hi,

    i would like to be considered for a part in this movie as it would be a great opportunity.

    i have worked as an extra before on a tv production and film.

    i like working as an extra and would appreciate the chance to progress into speaking roles i understand i may have to be a featured extra a few times first.

    If you have time you can look up my profile on : on location casting and you will get all relevant talent info, also extras Ni.

    i think both movies will do well.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

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