Fortune 500 Company is Seeking Talent for Major Commercial

Project Casting

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[New York City]A Major Fortune 500 Company is seeking talent for an upcoming commercial. This is a non-union production with a rate of 1,000 for adults, 750 for teenagers, and 500 for babies. The commercial will be used for one year on television in both the United States and in the United Kingdom, but, could also be used for 5 years online. The commercial will shoot October 2nd or Thursday October 4th in New York City. This is a great opportunity for all aspiring actors. Please be sure to leave us a comment below letting us know why you would be perfect for a role in this upcoming commercial! Break a Leg!

Casting Breakdown

TYPE: Commercial
Major Fortune 500 Company
Adults: $1000
Tween/Teen: $750
Babies/Toddlers: $500
USAGE: 1 year Broadcast (usa and uk) & 5 year web
SHOOT: Tuesday Oct. 2nd or Thursday. Oct 4th (only one day).

no travel covered
(By Appointment Only)

Casting various roles for a “Home video/ Web cam video”type commercial shoot. Seeking all types, somewhere between commercial and everyday people. See specs below, IDEALLY we want to cast real Parent/Child combos. Or real family members. See below.

GROUP 1: Guy & Computer
Male/ 20’s/ Any Ethnicity/ Interesting looks.

GROUP 2: College Girl on Trampoline
Female/ 18-22/ Any Ethnicity/ Regular Type girl, bright smile, athletic but not overly toned. College girl jumping on trampoline while filming with phone.

GROUP 3: Parent & Expressive Toddler
Seeking Male or Female Parent (30-45) with Toddler (2-5 y.o.) (Any Ethnicity) for scene in which Toddler is hilariously reacting to videos playing on laptop. Baby should be able to make VERY expressive faces and not be shy. Real Parent/Child or Related Pair.

GROUP 4: Parent & Dancing Toddler (Girl)
Seeking Male or Female Parent (30-45) with Toddler (Female 4-5 y.o.) (Any Ethnicity) for scene in which Toddler is watching youtube videos and dancing (will dance at audition). Real Parent/Child or Related Pair.

GROUP 5: Mother & Child (5-7 y.o.)
Seeking Mother (30-45) and Child (3-6) Any Ethnicity for scene of pair watching a movie on TV while child sucks his/her thumb. Real Parent/Child or Related Pair.

GROUP 6: Sleepover Girls
Females /11-15/ Any Ethnicity/ for a scene of 3-4 girls having a sleep over and dancing around together to their favorite song & being silly. Groups of friends (3-5) are encouraged to come together! Will have to dance for the audition.

GROUP 7: Real Family
Seeking Family of 4 (Two Parents, Two Children or related children ages 3-13 – Any Ethnicity) for a big family-fun scene. Family will be running from car to the house, high energy.

GROUP 8: Puzzled Guy
Male/ Early 40’s/ Any Ethnicity/ Looking puzzled as he tries to figure out how to work a webcam.

Names, Photos (Friend group or family Group Photos!) Contact Info, and confirm you’d be available for the shoot.
[email protected]