Casting Call – TV Show Pilot “The Haves and The Have Nots” (Atlanta, GA)


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This will be an amazing opportunity for all aspiring actors. If you are interested in being apart of “The Haves and Haves nots” on the OWN Network leave us a comment below and let us know why you should be considered. 

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Casting Directors are currently seeking acting talent for a 1-hour drama for the OWN network called “The Haves and the Have Nots”. The show focuses on the dynamics between the affluent Cryer family and the impoverished family of Hanna, the housekeeper. Both families have many obstacles and many secrets. This project will be filmed in Atlanta, GA in the Spring of 2013.

Tyler Perry recently joined with Oprah Winfrey’s Television Network, OWN, to produce two new television shows. Tyler Perry signed a multi-year deal to produce two scripted shows that are targeted for a mid-2013 premiere.

“I have been looking forward to the day when we would be in the position to enter the world of scripted televisoin. That day has come,” Oprah Winfrey, CEO of OWN said in a statement. “We are all energized by the opportunity to collaborate with Tyler who has a proven track record for producing highly succesful cable series. He has an incredible ability to illuminate life stories and characters in his unique voice and inspires and encourages people all over the world”.

Tyler Perry has created a list of sitcom hits for TBS, including “House of Payne” and “Meet the Browns.” Perry will also write, direct, and executive produce both new shows on the OWN network.

“It’s a dream realized to partner with Oprah and bring scripted programming to OWN,” Perry said recently. “She has accomplished so much with the network and I’m excited to work with her to be a part of its continued growth.”

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Casting Breakdown

Union: SAG
Audition Date: 10/8/2012,10/9/2012,10/10/2012,10/11/2012,10/12/2012,10/5/2012
Shoot Date: TBD
Audition Location: Atlanta
Shoot Location: Atlanta
Pay Rate: TBD

Submission Deadline: 10/4/2012


[HANNA] Lead / Female / late 40’s – 50’s / African American
Hanna is very attractive. She is an extremely virtuous woman who has worked as a maid for quite some time. She is the mother of two children, CANDACE and BENNY. Wardrobe: Casual.

[CANDACE] Lead / Female / mid 20’s / African American
Candace is an exceptionally beautiful medical school student living a very secretive double life. She is manipulative and scurrilous; she will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Her mother, HANNA, is an experienced maid. They have an estranged relationship.
[JIM CRYER] Lead / Male / 50’s / Caucasian
Jim is a very wealthy and attractive businessman, he is in excellent physical shape for his age. His wife KATHERYN, is an heiress trying to tend to the affairs of her family and household. They have two children. AMANDA, who is a well behaved medical school student and WYATT, who is in rehab due to drug addiction. He has a very strained relationship with his son due to his son’s drug addiction. Jim has a secret that is in jeopardy of being revealed that will negatively affect the relationship he has with his family.

[KATHERYN CRYER] Lead / Female / late 40’s – 50’s / Caucasian
Katheryn is a high society socialite who enjoys playing her role as a wealthy housewife. She tries to manage the affairs of her household and her family. She has two children in their 20’s, AMANDA and WYATT. She worries about her son who she and her husband had committed to a rehabilitation facility due to drug addiction.

[VERONICA] Lead / Female / 40’s / African American
Veronica is very attractive and is also a close friend of KATHERYN, a socialite. She is extremely pretentious and condescending; she is also very wealthy.

[DAVID] Supporting / Male / 50’s / African American
David and his wife VERONICA are very wealthy and are good friends with the affluent CRYER family. David is a successful financial planner.

[WYATT] Lead / Male / mid-late 20’s / Caucasian
Wyatt is strikingly handsome and has a great physique. As the son of the wealthy JIM and KATHERYN CRYER he has lived a life of great privilege. He is currently in rehab for drug addiction but he doesn’t think he has a problem. He is the black sheep of the family and often acts out.

[AMANDA] Lead / Female / early-mid 20’s / Caucasian
Amanda is the beautiful daughter of JIM and KATHERYN CRYER. She is a student in medical school and is a very good friend of fellow student, CANDACE. Amanda is well behaved and very different from her brother WYATT.

[BENNY] Supporting / Male / mid-late 20’s / African American
Benny is the son of HANNA, a maid and the brother of CANDACE. He maintains a strong relationship with his mother and his sister even though they are at odds with each other.

[CELINE] Supporting / Female / late 40’s / Hispanic
Celine is one of the maids for the CRYER family. She is a good friend of Hanna’s and helps her learn the ropes of the Cryer household.

[JEFFERY] Supporting / Male / mid 30’s / Caucasian
Jeffrey is Wyatt’s rehabilitation counselor. It is his job to shadow Wyatt while he’s away from the rehabilitation center.

For consideration, submit to with the subject line, “THE HAVES AND THE HAVE NOTS”. Make sure to also include your name, phone number, age, ethnicity, what role you are submitting for, a headshot and resume.
*** Interviews are done by appointment ONLY. ***


This will be an amazing opportunity for all aspiring actors. If you are interested in being apart of “The Haves and Haves nots” on the OWN Network leave us a comment below and let us know why you should be considered. 


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  1. If I cannot be Madeas best friend even though I think she needs a white BFF second best would be,,,well anything that you cast me for. You have helped me deal with this first year of loss as my Mom passed away one year ago and your posts comfort me.

  2. I would love to be a part of this project! I made it to Tylers Most Popular page when he was requesting you tube auditions. I am not a SAG actor, However, I would love the opportunity even if it was a featured extra… the drive from Chicago to Atlanta would be well worth the trip! Check me out on You tube. “Rodger Jackson – A Man’s Pain’ Yes I know that was the main character on Tylers “Marriage Counselor” I got tons of calls from folks thinking I “Made it” haha

  3. Acting has been a dream-deferred for me since I was little girl. I put it off for years thinking that it was just a pipe dream. Finally last year I decided to change careers from being an Accountant to becoming an actress. Acting is now my life and I have been pursuing this whole-heartedly since 2011. Any opportunity you have available, I’d gladly accept…even if it means starting at the bottom. I understand the essence of work and you have to crawl before you can walk. Just know that I am ready to work!!!!

  4. Hi, my name is Renee Del Rosso. I am an aspiring Actor/Model. I have some experience in both areas, however, my goal is to gain as much experience as possible through exciting opportunites such as the castings offered on this website! I am a very dedicated, hard worker and I always give 110% to anything I do in my journey through life! I would be honored to be offered an audition for any of the projects I submit for. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

  5. It would be an HONOR to be a part of this project! I have ALWAYS been a HUGE fan of Tyler Perry because he is known for giving anybody a chance at fulfilling their dream. He is not “Hollywood” and I love that character in him. I am currently doing Plus Size Modeling but acting is my true passion. I would like to audition for the part of “Hanna” but would have NO PROBLEM just being a regular on the show. Thank you Tyler & Oprah for keeping our dreams alive! God Bless!

  6. Thanks! I submitted. Sorry for the questions but if they ask you for an interview, even though I am from out of town, do they cover cost or will I have to fly down to ATL on my own budget?

    If I get the audition, I will definitely fly down ther no matter what. Just wondering how it normally works.

    Thank you for posting this. Glad I caught this just in time!!

  7. I just got an automatic reply from the email. Wondering if they will look at every single one submission? Sorry, I am just really excited!!

    Final question, I promise.

    If they want you to come in for an audition, will they reply back through email or call you? I got an automatic email response about their past open call and wondered.

    This is all new to me, so thank you for being patient.


  8. Acting has always been a dream of mine. I’ve been through rough times and have finally made it to Atlanta hoping my dreams come true!! I have worked on both TV shows as well as movies ( including Tyler Perry’s movie “Good Deeds” and TV show ” For Better or Worse”) I have taken acting classes and I know that I would definately be perfect for a role on here if given the chance! I’m a very hard working dedicated individual that I give my all to anything I do!! I truely hope to hear from you and get a chance to audition!!

  9. God bless Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey! What a winning combination!! I would be honored and humbled to work on this project. I have a great deal of stage experience in community theater and in recent years, I’ve done a lot of background work, including two episodes of Meet the Browns. I am not a SAG actor, so I hope that doesn’t matter. Having worked in an entirely different profession for many years, God is now enabling me to pursue my passion and find my purpose in acting. I am so excited about the possibilities!! I hope to hear from you and get an audition.

    Marcia Jones Cross

  10. My name is Gail Summers, I am aspiring actor. This will be my DREAM! Ever since I was a little girl. I know I wanted to act. I got married at the age of twenty and start having children. I put my dreams on hold to be a good mother and wife. I am divorce, kids all grown and have chidren of their own. This is a new phrase in my life. I want to Live for Gail and to what I always wanted to do. I have been in two plays which I love and I have been extras in movies. This will be a great opportunity for me. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon. Gail

  11. I am an actress!! I am just not currently working in my field. I have been auditioning and submitting myself and i have to get even a small break I’ve been looking for.Getting a job like this one working with Tyler Perry would put me around people and in the environment I ultimately want to be in. Its just altogether an amazing opportunity!

  12. My name is Michelle Allen and I am an actress. For fifty years I have been telling myself this but there always seems to be a project or situation that came up that deterred me from my vision, hopes and dreams. I actually was living in Stone Mountain had the wonderful opportunity of being an extra in “FOR COLORED GIRLS” in the opera scene and what an experience it was ethereal!!!! I would so much like to be a part of the new series that Mr. Perry is doing and to think it is going to be on Ms. Winfrey’s OWN station is a blessing. There is no other production that I would rather be a part or involved in. In any capacity possible. So does one just send off their bio and head shots to Mr.Perry’s studio I DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY!!!!!! Praise be to the Supreme Being for allowing Oprah and Tyler the gift of making things happen. Between Mr. Perry ,Ms. Winfrey and President Barack Obama I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!!!!!!!1

  13. Dominica Strong, Actress. Currently a lead character, Saiari, in Vladella Presents. I feel fit for the role of Candace not only because of my acting experience, but I also studied molecular biology in college and was preparing for medical school. While I put medical school on the back burner as I pursue acting, medicine is still a subject close to my heart. I think my practical background in science would add to my portrayal of Candace as no other candidate would. In addition, I am professional, hard working, and a very quick study of lines. Still above all I am creative and in becoming Candace, I would be set even further apart from those actresses merely playing her.

  14. My name is Zoe and I graduate from SSU last year with my BFA. I have been auditioning for years and this would be a great opportunity for me.

  15. My 4yr. old has just recently informed me that she would like to perform in front of people as her career. I’m trying to be very open minded to any and every possibility for her. I think it would be a great opportunity for her to start work here in Atlanta where she is from and working for Mr. Tyler Perry whom she loves to see as Madea would be amazing. She is extremely energetic and loves to learn new things. She has a beautiful singing voice and would be an asset to any enviroment she is put in.

  16. I can truly relate to the character of Amanda Cryer. I have an older brother in a similar situation. I submitted on Actors Access and am hoping to get an audition for the role! Keeping my fingers crossed.

  17. As a minister, woman of GOD and an Aspiring Actress, it has ALWAYS been a strong desire and dream of mine to work with Tyler Perry, an individual that has and keeps GOD first priority in his life, as I in mine. Also, after being cast as an Extra in his new television series, ”For Better or Worse,” it helped to inspire me more after being exposed to the smiling faces, friendly atmosphere, hardworking, dedicated and professional cast and crew. I am also up for exploring new and exciting roles and other different doors and avenues that GOD opens and presents to me. Hope to hear from you soon! Continue to be blessed!

  18. Hi, I’m Gerri williams I Don’t know a whole lot about the new sitcom I just really I want the opportunity to go after my passion and I think being able to start with two people that I idolize will be rewording and a blessing all in one.

  19. I look foward to at least getting the opportunity to audition there is nothing more that I have more passion for than acting. I will give everything I have and I will not let u down I’ve been going through a lot lately and still I keep faith that everything will get better and I myself can become better I just need one chance and I’m sure u will love what u see

  20. Hello, my name is Theresa Bowser and I am soon to be 30 years black female, but I look younger than what I am. I think that I should be given this opportuniyt to have a lead role because I feel like I have god given talent that I have not had the chance to express freely yet. I strongly believe that if I am given just the opportunity that I will not dissapoint anyone. I would love to get the experience and I feel like I would shock a lot of people and I would love to have the chance to impress Mr. Tyler Perry himself. If given the opportunity, I would love to express my many talents. I am a single mother and I would love for my son to know that he can do and be anything with myself leading by example.Thank You!( What god has for me is for me, and if this is not it then I will continue my journey and continue to support Mr. Tyler Perry’s Film.

  21. I truly love Tyler Perry Works, and maybe I can be in this show…I always follow him, and hope to get a walk – on or extra or part in one of his shows. He keeps me inspired, and I hope one day soon I can thank him for all his contributions to Television, and Film. I would love to be cast in “THE HAVE AND HAVE NOTS”.

  22. Hello. I have been acting since
    the age of nine. I just graduated from
    College witha degree in media. Being apart of this project will allow me to bring my talent to light. It will allow me to expand and continue to perfect my craft under the direction of Tyler Perry. I love a challenge and this is one I would love to take on.

  23. This story has many of life challenges that we often encounter in our lives individually or through personal relationships. Having the opportunity to be a character in this movie will award me with the blessing to demonstrate my vesatility where struggles and love are not only intertwined and challenged but embraced. I know i can give your characters life, reality and viability in any role i am privileged to.

  24. I would also like to add that i have been blessed with 3 leading roles in film and stage plays this year and I am excited to be offered the opportunity to not only be in my most aspired Producers movie but advance into this arena. Thanks

  25. I would like to audition for the part of “Amanda”. Im 21 years old, live near atlanta. I enjoy ALL of Tyler’s work and I think i should be able to audition because I have a unique look and style. I have my own personality and not scared to step out of my comfort zone, I have acting abilities and a good memory. I know im 4 days past the deadline, but I’d really like this shot at making my dreams come true, but if so or if not, I give God all the glory.

  26. I would love Tyler Perry ever since i had worked at his huge studio. One of the amazing guy who gives out a lot of LOVE of his people. Not only that for the show but give a person a chance to do the best we can. I would love to do the CELINE/Female/40’s/ Hispanic because I am a real Spanish lady. Even I am 52 years old. I have a lot of people comment me that I look like in my 30’s but i do take care of myself. I can speak and Sign Languages good. My voice is amazing but people think deaf person can not speak but never hear my voice before. They always put me in Extra or Background and Short Script for the Actress. Sometime I have to try out and do the best i can. I may be deaf but deaf person can do it. I have a great personality and very out going person and motivation in my work. It is important to give a disability person a chance and the ability to speak and acting. Why not. That is the great challenge for me. Crossed my finger. I have been out of work but only have been teaching ASL Sign Languages to the hearing people. People LOVE MY work..I love Tyler Perry Show. I got to meet his fans.. They were really friendly people.. 🙂

  27. I know its late but i submitted because I saw a post on Twitter! I’m interested in Candace! Hope to hear from you soon!

  28. Do you know when? and i know it’s going to be in atlanta…. I submitted for the role anyways, do you know of anyway I could contact them its ummicasting as well right?

  29. His this is Michelle Allen again and I think I missed audition possibilities for the Tyler Perry Show “THE HAVE AND HAVE NOT’S” I have submitted head shots and bio and would like to know if they are still casting for the show. Thank you for response.

  30. Aspiring actor . Reality tv fanatic . I call myself as being real not fake .
    Nice person , but has wild ways . Lives to party , and hosts events at clubs . Looking for a new experience . I don’t crack under pressure . Being from as what I call the ghetto . Hammond , La . College Sophomore . Tatted . Has a nose and lip piercing . Gemini . Attend to have multiple personalities in one . Show stopper . Spot light stealer . Like to be in the mist of the crowd , and sometimes to myself to . Loves to strip tease . When I drink I’m a different person . Full of energy & surprises you will never know what’s up my sleeve .
    Ray Charles Pea
    Hammond , Louisiana
    Age , 20
    College Sophomore
    Aspiring Actor , Singer , Dancer , Tv Personality

  31. Aspiring Actor, I just viewd this and it said submit before Nov 4, but i decided to send it anyway. What do I have to lose and everything to gain. I grew up with six brothers and one sister. So I know whats its like to have and have not. Growning up with a pretty big family and very little finances you learn how to deal with multipe personalities from female and male. My family was no stranger struggling, but my parents always found a way to provide a roof over our head and food on the table. Even if it meant a big pot of butterd noodles we had something to eat. Some can relate others can not. But those strugles and tight relationship with my family gave me the personality I have today. I can walk in a room full of strangers and make new friends almost instantly. Some people say i have gift of gab of i have something special. Still havent found my purpose in life and why god blessed me to be the out going person I am. When i speak people listen. Maybe this could be the big break Ive been waiting for……….

  32. Hello, my name is Nadara, I live in Atlanta, and I believe I could really do justicer to the role of Veronica. I have a sister (whom I adore) who is just like this. While I am a single mom, working hard, my stay-at-home older sister, is full of judgements and advice. I do love her though, but I could be her, and bring out more of that little wicked prententious streak

  33. I am interested in the part of Candace. Why am I interested in this role? It’s me! I am confident, intelligent, beautiful (of course, lol), ambitious, and very hardworking. I grew up in the DEEP South (rural southern Georgia). Raised by a single mother who only wanted the best for my siblings and I, I was determined at an early age to succeed and get out of my hometown, regardless of the obstacles that continue to stand in my way (ie men, family, friends, and southern mentalities).

  34. I have encountered many different challenges within my lifetime but have overcame them with a true story to tell. More information will be given if considered for the part. I’m interested in the part of Veronica and will truly be the perfect fit.

  35. Hey! You remember me, “You Got Me Pregnant”! (You Tube) I have definitely lived on both sides of the track from government cheese to the best community to live in. Well, ironically I’m still living among the Haves but actually Have Not. Lost my job in a mass lay-off 1 1/2 years ago and have been living in God’s economy. He has proven himself faithful for sure! As a result of my film and theater experience, I would be perfect for your TV series.

  36. Hi! Im really happy about this up coming project. I have to be apart of this I love to act and Im beautiful funny and ready to explore and use what god have bless me with. I would love to play the role candace or Veronica they are both to great and amazed roles which I can be able to made anyone of the lady not only bring the best of me out but the role it self, I would be perfect Im hard work ready to do and learn new thing whatever it take to get the job done to give you what you need to bring out the characters.Yes as much as it take to creat this project is as much work im willing to put in and enjoy the opportunity.

  37. Hi my name is Shania Edwards-W i am 18years old i figured acting was my forte when i was 8years old doing plays at school and church… And i finally got into acting school at the age of 16. Then got a stage manager position with Robert Beasley now instead of being behind the scene i wanna be seen :O

  38. Hi my name is Ophila Mercer and I am currently signing with AMTC and I am praying hard to just get the opportunity to audition. I am not asking for a handout but God has given me a second chance to worship him the best way I know how. Working with AMTC will cost me over 5000.00 and I trying to raise the money, just to get the opportunity to audition for Tyler Perry. If he could just see me, I know he will be impressed and see God’s light in me. I have a amateur video that can be seen at, if anything just be honest with me, I have never had training but I am willing to learn. Thank you. (Prov. 18:16)”A man’s gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men”

  39. Hello, My name is Roosevelt Johnson and I am an actor in California with on-camera and monologue training for the past 10 years. Acting is the first thing I think about when I wake up and it’s the last thing I think about when I fall asleep. I was awarded 4th place Actor of the Year at the 2007 IMTA competition in New York. I have a huge personally with great stage and camera presence. I am an African American male actor in his 20s who is so dedicated to his craft. I would be great for the role of Benny because I know I would give my all to the character. I have a lot of talent and have been truly blessed with this gift of art.

  40. I work with a very talented young lady named Natasha that has a voice as incredible as the late Whitney Houston. When she sings record executives have tears in their eyes. She can also act as well. I know she would be perfect for the role Hanna however I just came across your site. Please contact me if there is any thing you can do.

    Thank you
    Karen Woodall

  41. I am very interested in the role, I have done some acting and have been told many times that I should try out for something big. I truly believe if I was given the opportunity, I would be a great actress.

  42. I have read the sides for all the character and I absolutely love this story. It’s something that needs to be told and is so relevant to life in America (as well as many other countries) today. I would love to be considered for the role of Amanda. I can identify with her sweetness and naivete. I would love to be a apart of a cast that tells such an important story.

  43. Hello (Casting Human Resources),

    I am writing in response to the role of “Benny” that you have available on the ProjectCasting website. I just came across the site and I would be absolutely grateful for the consideration to play this role. Due to my ambition of growing in this industry where I can excel and establish myself as a top-level performing actor, I am highly excited about this role. I know it sounds weird to be excited about a role that you haven’t even auditioned for but I’ve been waiting a long time to play a role like this.
    I feel personally connected to due to me having 2 younger sisters growing up and always bickering with one another. Also I’ve done Christmas church plays which involve issues within a family so I’ll be somewhat familiar with the script. As a castmate, I will offer resourcefulness, creativity, intelligence, and diligence to effectively support my team’s goal.
    I simply know that I have what it takes to do what this role requires. My strengths will show that I’m a person that will go above and beyond in any position. Challenges may be difficult, but who gets better without them.
    I would like to thank you for your consideration of myself for this role and I sincerely apologize if I missed the deadline to audition. And if so, I hope that you keep me in mind for other roles in the future. I sent my acting resume, headshot, and measurements to

    Thank you,
    Marquis Wilder

  44. A I have always been an actress deep down in my soul ever since I did a dramatic interpretation of Miss. Jane Pittman in high school. I became her without knowing…it was so natural. I love reading plays and books and acting out the characters with my voice, acting out the scenes in my mind. I have been in other church plays and done dramatic interpretations but being in a live production would be a dream come true.
    I would love to audition for the part of Hanna. I live in South Florida and
    I am ready to do a new thing and really go after my dreams of being an actress in plays, tv…doesn’t matter, I know I would be good in whatever part that I am given the opportunity to play. If it’s not Hanna…I will work at any role. Please get in touch with me….I’m so excited! To work with Tyler Perry would be a dream come true. I have been trying to get inside the Tyler Perry Studio since I knew it was there because I have family in Atlanta. I tried to get them to go get a job there but they had jobs as teachers and stylists – but I still kept trying! Thank you and I am so glad I searched Tyler Perry and saw this information about The Have and Have Nots! I want to be a part of it, please contact me!!! Be Blessed!

  45. Greetings!!! My name is Jonathan Robinson. I am always looking for new ventures to add to my resume and I do believe this would be a good venture to add. I have been gracious enough to live on both sides of this scenario, from being able to purchase what I wanted when I wanted and how I wanted. All to now having to balance budgets of having under $100 that friends and or family would give to help me get by and not being able to do many of the things I once did not even a year ago. To me this would be a chance of showing the world, no matter your struggle, if you have the will power to move forward and keep you mind stayed on God , there is nothing that HE can’t bring you through without giving you a lesson at the end of it!

  46. Blessings! As I read through the various characters the one I most resonated with is Veronica because oftentimes throughout our lives we encounter so many individuals who move through their lives masking themselves behind money and material gain. Playing this character gives me an opportunity to potray how we loose ourselves to false pretenses by pretending to be everything we’re not! I have done quite a bit of background extra work in California in both movies and sitcoms! I have always had a dream of playing a lead major role in a movie that would allow me to exemplfy a lesson others can learn. Tyler Perry’s movies have always moved and impacted me in various different capacities. Faith is always my guide! I recently published my first major book sharing my journey on how I was able to overcome living a life of fear and discover living a life of love; and hopefully you will have an opportunity to read my story! I look forward to being a part of this project in support of Tyler Perry’s creativity and Oprah’s vision for OWN Network!

  47. E.R.W.- When you have a passion for something, you go for it. I never does hurt to try to pursue your dreams- never knowing whether an opportunity will arise for you or not. When nothing else falls in place, you know God has something better for you. In my case it’s my belief that this opportunity is acting. I’m going for a home-run on this one.

    I woul live to be apart of one of these productions.

    “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me”

  48. Hi my name is Marcia Temple and I have dreamed of being a singer and actress since I was a little girl my whole family are singers and we all hold so much talent and every since my aunt died they all gave up on thier talent thier hope and faith but I refuse to do anyof that because with or without this role God will never let me down and he will help me successfull in all my dreams I am a singer, actress, hairstylist, nail artist, fashionista, I fix cars and tv’s to make money, and a mother I live in lithonia,ga my email is

  49. I am very interested in Hanna Lead roll. I am 54 and I have experience in my time with my grandmother living to be 107 and my great grandmother living to be 116..I know what it like to experience then things the women endured in those times. I love to be apart of this movie…I think I would do well as Hanna…I am a attractive woman with great principles that could be very valuable to this movie…I can act…I feel the part and I can become the part.

  50. Hello I am very interested in the role of Candace. I have always been interested in acting but never had the courage to take full advantage on pursuing my dreams until last year. I am 25 years old and I am a found believer that if I do not use my gift I will lose my gift. The Lord as given me such a great gift to touch the lives of many through the ministry of acting that I can no long sit on my God giving gift. We all have a mission in life and we must be touch enough to do what God has created us to do. Acting is not only my dream it is also what God has placed inside of me. My gift is not solely for myself it’s to touch the lives of others. I would be honored to be apart of your drama ministry Mr. Tyler Perry. Thank you!

  51. Estranged relationship with my mother growing up; and even until this day. Recently graduated from an Illustrious Institution/University. Medical Field Is the short term goal on my list. When I read the description of Candace, there are parts of me that lay in the story line. This role can be brought to life through my personal experience, tragedy, mistakes, and the young girl that Is still wounded from a younger poverished life. It’s amazing what we walk around with besides our clothes and shoes. The material things the public sees have covered up what’s really real and Important In my life. I am a writer, actor, and singer. My goal Is to Impact the lives of others by doing what I love, whether It be a sitcom, broadway, play, or musical. I have a love for people and portray roles that are life changing and heart moving. Forgiving someone is always vital In a struggle. It is the key to exhale,It is the door that closes past hurts, It is the truth to that which was once a secret, and It is longevity, to something that was could have been tragic. I know Candace oh to well and know that I can bring this character to life with the work ethic of myself, the vision of the director, producers, and guidance from above. I will leave you with this; ” The scars that aren’t seen are the hardest to heal”.

    Best Regards,


    Anytime I am considering a role, I always read the character description to see If there is any of myself In that role, and In Candace I found that.

    There are some things about Candace that aren’t me personally, but that’s the beauty of acting, and giving to an audience.

  52. Curiosity more so is what caught my attention …none of these roles discribe an average hispanic mid 20s …but really who is really reading these …smh hope faith by chance opportunity idk stuck in a life that i kno has more potential just unsure when that opportunity will knock on my door…good luck to those ladies n gentzz i guess we all wish sumone would see us for that five minutes of fame..cuidate urs truly.

  53. i truly love all of the tyler perry movies i have always wanted to work with him hes very talented and a great producer/actor/ director. all of his movies tell a story they are inspirational and they teach you life lessons.. i know i would be great for this movie because im outgoing and i know that i can rock it this is my dream. i have gone through alot to where i can relate to his movies they are truly heartfelt to i hope i get this chance to be a apart of a great family

  54. To whom this may concern,
    My name is Ian Jones and I am a 20 year old African American male. I currently go to school at Delaware State University where I am majoring in social work. I know it may sound odd for someone replying to a casting call comment and is studying for social work. The reason for me doing this is because deep down inside I have a burning passion for acting. Ever since I graduated High School many of the faculty and students believed that one day I would be on T.V such as Saturday Night Live or other sitcoms on television. My inspiration is my mother, everything about her is my inspiration. She introduced me to many acting related events when I was a kid but funds were never enough and other priorities came in hand. My very first casting call was for a scene as a baby in the movie Beloved. My mother and I were so close to the start of the line but my mother had to attend work and leave. Currently, my mother is a DYFS worker in New Jersey as a single parent, on the count of my father moving out a year ago when my mother received her job. Trying to manage a senior in high school (sister) and a junior in college, my mother sacrifices everything for us. Later in the year 2012 my mother was diagnosed with lupus making it more stressful as it affects her nerves. Trying to maintain a clear mind, and keeping a positive look is very hard knowing that she gets no support from my father and that my sister has diabetes. I am hoping that this message reaches out to whoever this may concern. I am a hardworking male, eager to learn new things, and just want to see my family in better days. Especially for my mother, she deserves it. I hope everyone has a blessed day and keep the faith :).

  55. Hello my name is D. Ward. I am an actor coming from the great city of Chicago. For so long I’d dreamed of developing my talents and becoming a successful actor. With that said, for me to be apart of this project would be a blessing. My personality and hard working ability would be great for the show. I would be honored to come in and do whatever it takes to be considered for a role on this show. Thanks and God Bless…

  56. Hey my name is Joe Deandra and I would love to play Benny on this T.V. show. I left the military to pursue an acting career. I am a huge Tyler Perry fan so I know how he works and I would love to be apart of that. I just need that 1 big break to get me there. Working with The Great Tyler perry will get me there.

  57. Hello My Name is Taiia Fay and i’m 23 years old if you see my face you would never believe it i look about 16 or 17 lol…but i’m very interested in the Part of Amanda just like Amanda i am currently a medical student but i’m a medical student with dreams and aspirations of becoming a actress i would lovvvvvvveeeeeeeeee to work with Tyler Perry i love all of his work and i also have experience in many plays in my city and i would love if i could get a chance to show my talent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Hello, my name is David Jackson I’m a 40 year old talent as well as dreamer my first mind has always been entertainment originally from Chicago Illinois, a former recording artist associated with Steve Silk Hurly and Maurice Joshua , I was blessed to have a brief fifteen minutes of fame. In the 90’s I’ve had the opportunity to stand in double for singer Usher in the Babyface, Tracey Edmonds production “Light It Up”. I couldn’t find another opportunity since to work in film production I recently moved to Atlanta Georgia to start a new life with my very supportive girlfriend of five years, for some reason I had it in my head that work would be a bit more plentiful here in Atlanta but that couldn’t have been further from the truth as an IBEW electrician. Dreading being an electrician I went back to school FSU studying music production I belong to entertainment but life has a way of shifting direction. if there is any way I can work as a janitor with prospects of moving up in ranks to music production scoring for film writer actor. Wouldn’t that be something?

  59. Hello, my name is Karl Edmonds and I am a twin at the age of 39. Well my life is all about “the have an have nots” Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to the trials and hardships of foster care and eventually adoption I rose from the obscurity of what could be viewed as a tragic beginning to a triumphant life. I became fascinated with the idea of Gospel mime along with my twin and began using this art form as an escape and a sense of security in a fast paced and changing environment. The hustle and bustle of being moved from house to house and shelter to shelter only fueled my dreams and determination of doing something larger than life. I was beaten as a child and then placed in a dryer all the way to being chained to our twin size bed with all 5 of my siblings! I was finally adopted at the age of 7 and am now determine to fulfill my dreams in the acting field as a way of expressing my self through creativity. Please consider me if possible. Check out me and my twin brothers website check out this link below as well, us along with Tamala Mann live on stage!


  60. Hello my name is Dierra White i am 23 yars old i have eight brothers and sisters which we all are raised by one strong black lady my mother kimberly dew except one which was my brother i never met because he passed away soon after i was born.My mother was in two abusive merrages my father was the wost and till this dy he haves no remorce he feels she deserves it .Im sorry long story short my mother is doing everything alone when she asks for help from our fathers they threaten her im really just trying to do something to better my life to help my mother and i also just had a baby boy August 2ND and is now struggling to find a job.I do have my child father in our life but it is also hard for him and he is goin the wrong route to provide for his family .I realy will love to have this big break so our struggle can be over soon.My mother cries to me and confinds in me because i am the oldest and she does not understand why things are happenin to her she is the sweetest lady i told my mother mom dont worry about it god haves you and you did not have eight kids for nothing out of all of us someone will be something and for you being such a great mother we are goin to be there for you.thank you for taking the time to read my story i pray you consider me for one of your roles if not nothing on this show maybe another up in coming project thank you and have a blessed day

  61. Mr. Tyler Perry, I would love for you to meet my son. He has natural talents and he keeps us laughing throughout the day. He is nine years old and honor student at a elementary school in Stone Mountain. I know there is hidden talent in him and looking for way to make others enjoy.We would love to just meet you and expose our son to greatness.

  62. Hello Casting Team,

    My name is Pamela Kimball I would love to be a part of any movie by Tlyer Perry, I’am 5’6′ 56 years old, hazel eyes, blonde long natural hair, bust: 38 D, 210 pds. Consider me for any backgroud work. I’m non union and I drive a 2006 Jaguar, 4 door X type.

  63. Hi Tyler Perry, I would first like to say that you are such an inspiration and love the fact that you always give God the glory! Never stop! I am interested in auditioning for a role although I don’t see a role I may fit. I have always loved to act in school and church plays. I am 5’9″ and 35 yr. old black female (that also sings) and the mother of 4 children looking to make my dreams a reality. I also have very talented children and a husband that would love an opportunity as well. We are a passionate, fun loving, God fearing family that everyone is drawn to. We would love to be considered either individually or together. Thanks for your consideration!!

  64. I can do anything through Christ which strengths me Philippines 4:13…this is an opportunity that i would love to be apart of I have never had any acting classes .I just know that acting/singing /and performing Is what I love to do. I am 24 years old i live in Saint Louis Missouri And I’m actually in school taking up medical management For my B.A. My dream is to move to Atlanta to Chase my dreams. Im helping my mother who is very sick raise my 3 little sisters my mom wants me to live my dream before its too late..God is good all the time……..Thanks for the Consideration Tyler God bless you

  65. Acting singing entertainment is my dream and my passion I love to display my God giving talent to the world and I know I would be a asset to the show my aluminus ray of love would shine bright ..please give me a chance to live my dreams out look toward to hearing from u.

  66. I live in Lawrenceville Ga and I want to play the role of the mother. I am a 52 year old woman, and I very attractive and very willing to play any position in a role that you have available.

  67. Nialah
    I just was wondering can apply for a position to work as one of your make-up artist
    for The have and have not episodes?

  68. Greetings Tyler. I’m a happily divorced actress/writer in NYC & willing to relocate. I began acting in high school in Shakespeare plays and have pursued the art into adulthood. Graduating from Columbia University & working for years on Wall Street in Investment banking…I’ve got LOTS of material, both comedic and dramatic, as a writer.I write material for stand up as well as sketch (ala SNL) & I’ve got a wicked funny sense of humor and work well with others. I currently work on various television programs & films. Feel free to contact me directly for more information and keep me in mind for future productions. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you. Gina Marie

  69. Hi I am a white male, I appear to be in my mid twentys although I am 19. I am 6 foot 9 inches tall. I would love to be in this casting.

  70. Hi Tyler
    I’m Olivia from South Africa, I’m in awe of your work,well done. I wish I could have been part of your work, or auditions, in South Africa aspiring actors stay extras, the platform you’ve set for aspiring actors in the USA is not here in South Africa.

    Keep it up.

  71. I have been on both sides of the fence, as a have and as a have not. Growing up poor in Cleveland my mother raised two children by herself and we all sleep in the same room in my grandmothers attic. it was tough but gives me a good awareness to bring to a character

  72. My name is Shakima. I am 26. I’ve always been told that I’m very dramatic, and need to be in a Tyler Perry movie. I’ve been singing since I can remember took theater in 9th grade. I love to make people laugh, feel emotions. I’m very positive and fully into GOD. I’ve enjoyed all of your work and would lo e to be apart of your projects, Thank you.

  73. Hi, my name is Kierra Ford. I am 22 years old, from memphis tennessee.I would love to be a part of this project!! i have always wanted to be apart of Tyler Perry’s projects. i have always had talent since i was a little girl. i love singing and i’m pretty good at it! i’ve been told that i should try acting, from friends and family. i am a hard worker and very passionate about everything that i do! i am currently in school and majoring in criminal justice. i would love to play the role of “candice”. i feel like i can relate to her character. if i am chosen to be apart of this project, i will be so happy for such a great opportunity and i will not let you down!

  74. i can relate to the role as “candice” because of her relationship with her mother and being a college student.

  75. Hi!, My name is Dionona Yelverton. I am twenty years old and will be twenty one on March 5, 2013. I am an Atlanta native and have been here my whole life.I believe. I should be considered because I am a young ambitious exciting spirit and this will truly be a wonderful. One in a lifetime experience for me. Hard work, dedication, self motivation and drive have become a part of my life, so im pretty confident that if given the chance I could possibly be exactly what you are looking for. 🙂

  76. HI!!!My name is Justin Pugh ive been a fan of yours since i saw your first stage play i can do bad all by myself & now i have everyone of your plays from 1999-2012 i have your last play you’ve made and thats(MADEA GETS A JOB)and it was funny as heck man you know i have one big wish and thats to meet you in real life i am a high school student a(MHS)MIDDELTON HIGH SCHOOL i am the 11th grade junior,graduating in 2014 my talent is(ACTING,SINGING&DANCINGH)but my calling is ACTING you have inspired my life so much theirs nonthing bad i cant say about you but i do know adding me to this show will be thing anyone have did for me i dont wanna do it for fame or money i wanna do it cause i’ve always dream of working with u!!!Well IM DONE JUST LETTING U KNOW HOW U INSPIRED ME & WILL LOVE TO HAVE ANY PART ON THIS TV SERIES THE HAVES AND THE HAVES NOT!!(BE BLESS TYLER)

  77. Hi my name is Eshundra Nunnally i’m a 36 year old african american i reside in atlanta ga. Mr.perry and Mrs.Winfrey this would be my first time acting which means i haven’t been to any acting school but i will say this to you all who needs an acting school or coach when you have god i have it in me so many doors have been closed in my face but i’m not giving up this is instilled in me this is a calling for me i know i can do this and if i believe i couldn’t do it i would not waste you guy’s time all i need is a chance and someone to believe in me like i believe in myself.Thank you and god bless.

  78. I want to introduce Hollywood to a new face. I want to take theater to a new level. Most of all, I want to learn from the best in the industry which we all know is Tyler Perry.

  79. I would love an opportunity to audition for your next up coming prodjects im very talented and i am very confident in myself and what i do im a dedicated worker and fast learner and i always always leave room to learn more in life and invite critique please give me an opportunity to show you who i am thank you gigi

  80. I am extremely excited that OWN is piloting a new scripted TV show. I would love to be apart of this awesome opportunity. I have wanted share my gifts and talents to the world all my life, and to have the chance to do it with Tyler Perry and Oprah, WOW! It would give me great pleasure to be apart.

  81. I would love to have the opportunity to be a part of this project. I am a 46 year old college student with a 3.8 over all GPA. it has always been a dream of mine to be a actor, radio dj, or a comedian. If you would pick me, I would work harder than anyone has ever worked in life. Thank You for this opportunity.

  82. Hello (Casting Human Resources),

    I am writing in response to the role of “Benny” that you have available on the ProjectCasting website. I just came across the site and I would be absolutely grateful for the consideration to play this role. Due to my ambition of growing in this industry where I can excel and establish myself as a top-level performing actor, I am highly excited about this role. I know it sounds weird to be excited about a role that you haven’t even auditioned for but I’ve been waiting a long time to play a role like this.

    I feel personally connected to due to me having 2 younger sisters growing up and always bickering with one another. Also I’ve done Christmas church plays which involve issues within a family so I’ll be somewhat familiar with the script. As a castmate, I will offer resourcefulness, creativity, intelligence, and diligence to effectively support my team’s goal.

    I simply know that I have what it takes to do what this role requires. My strengths will show that I’m a person that will go above and beyond in any position. Challenges may be difficult, but who gets better without them.

    I would like to thank you for your consideration of myself for this role and I sincerely apologize if I missed the deadline to audition. And if so, I hope that you keep me in mind for other roles in the future.

    Thank you,

    Marquis Wilder

  83. I work hard , play no games , unwilling to waste anyones time let alone mine. I could sit here and tell you about all my talents and dreams but so are the other 102 comments ….me words are meaningless its the actions the count. By the god within me this may be or may not be my chance if it is I have no choice but to let it shine. …But if its not my integrity still stands , my focus still stares, and my honor for the industry will never fail.

  84. Hello,
    I am writing in response to the role of Hanna. I am a 48 year old single mother of 3 children ages 15, 21 and 25. I work full time as a financial analyst and in my college life( years ago) I was a member of the Forensics Team. We participated in Dramatic Intrepretation, Poetry Intrepretation, and various Extemporanious Speaking competitions. I would occassionally place 2nd or 3rd. I have always loved this form of acting. I also used to be in the Church Band. I am at a point in my life where I would like to spread my wings and utilize my God given talents to the fullest.. After being married for over 25 years, my husband decided that he no longer loved me and thus I am going through a divorce. I really appreciate the opportunity to be considered for any of your projects. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. May God continue to Bless you abundantly.

    Felicia J. Anaro

  85. Hi,
    My name is Megan Johnson and I am writing in regards to the role of Amanda Cryer. I am currently 26 years old, dark blonde, blue eyes, 5.5′, and single. I take extremely good care of myself and would say I look closer to the age of 24. With the right direction, I know I can meet the expectations of Amanda Cryer. I have an extremely high passion for all forms of acting. I have had the opportunity to play an extra in a few shows which exposed me to the acting environment. As a Media Coordinator, I currently reside in Birmingham, AL but have not hesitations to come to Atlanta. I would love the opportunity to become Amanda Cryer. Thanks,
    Megan Johnson

  86. My name is Brittany Knox I would be and I am a good person to be considered for the role of Candace. I have not done any professional plays or series before, but i have been in school plays, church plays and school competitions where I placed first and second place for acting and reading poems and short monologues. I am a fast learner and I am the face and voice you have been missing from your plays and movies. I have always wanted to act in movies and in short film, and do public speaking, but I just did not know where to start and I know that this would be the opportunity for me or if not it will lead me in the direction in which I need to go, but my heart and GOD is leading my in the direction of pursuing my acting career.

  87. Hello,

    My name is Deardra Pyles, I am a 25 year old african american female and I am interested in the role of Candance. I believe this role would be perfect for me to play because her character is someone completely opposite of myself, thus will give me the oppurtunity to show my talent in a new role. I am a dedicated and hardworking aspiring actress looking for a oppurtunity as acting ismy true passion. I have transportation, so travel would not be an issue. I can be reached via email at .

  88. Hello my name is Nicole Mccalister I’m 20 years old , although I do not have any acting experience I’m a quick learner. I’ve also done alot of talent shows , choir & chorus performances . I have great stage presence & from what I’m told a very great look , every time people see me I’m told I have that look to be on television or why aren’t I famous yet? ” I have a passion to act & this would be a great Oppurtunity that I can learn & grow from. I live in California but wouldn’t hesitate to travel . I’m interested in playing the role of Candace because I feel I can actually relate 100% to her . I’ve struggled my whole life & had so many downfalls now that I’m getting older I just want the chance to change my life around & put myself in the position to change the lives of others . For me it’s not about the fame I want to be able to give to those who don’t have to charities & hospitals I feel like that’s my calling . I hear all the time how I belong in this type of industry all I need is the chance to prove myself . Please contact me via email :

  89. Hello, My name is Catherine Johnson and I am interested in the role Kathyrn Cryer as well as my daugheter Christina Steverson is interested in the role Candance. I am 43 and my daughter is 25, she is biracial and neither of us have experience or are associated with SAG but it has been a dream of ours to make it big, to become famous since we are from such a small town community with small town attitudes. I came from a well known family in the community but when I married an african american I was disowned and from there treated as I was nothing. I had to work, sacrifrice and do without just to show I can make it and a spouses race does not defy who I am and I would always carry my family name with or without a parents blessing. This is why I would want an oppurtunity to audition. Thank you for the consideration

  90. Heller, my name is Charmaine Riley, I’m interested in playing the role of Catherine Johnson. I do have some acting experience within my local community. I use model before I became converted to Christian. I also gave s 13 years old daughter who sings like an angel, they called her the Scarborough power house or the sweet nightingale. I don’t mind playing other tokes as well. I presently lost my job and my home. I am a single mother of 2 who’s struggling to make ends meet and hoping to get a break through. I am presently looking for work but no success story as yet, but I’m still looking. I look forward in working with you. I can submit a vocal for both me and my daughter if need be since we both sings. I can be reached at or by phone 647889-8645. God bless and looking forward in hearing from you.

  91. I think i would be a great access. Coming from nyc the hood and working on a double masters, im ready for something nee

  92. Tyler Perry I am very fond of you.I wish I knew about your audition sooner.I have a very talented husband.Ben E. King the Legendary Singer.He is famous for his songs Stand By Me,Spanish Harlem,I who have nothing etc:Can you do a play on children who are not acknowledge by celebrity fathers

  93. HellER my name is Danielle, i am an african american light skinned female i am 19 years old, i have a 3 1/2 month old daughter, and i love to act and sing, i grew up on the south side of Chicago around a pretty hilarious family with lots of talent, i am interested in playing the role of Candace, i have so many different personalities when it comes to acting, i can be funny as well as being serious, i love disguiseing my voice (don’t know if i spelled that correctly). i feel this would be a dream come true if i can audition for this role! THANK YUUURRR

  94. Hello,
    My name is Shakita Green I’m originally from Durham N.C now resides in Atlanta G.A. I have been a model every since I was in middle school. I have always been a performer and very talented. Sometimes I feel that it’s nothing else that would make me happier than be and actress, and performer. This has always been a dream of mines and now that I’m here I’m ready to work. ThankYou for you time!

  95. Salutations,
    My name is Benjamin Marshall and I currently reside in Hiram, Ga. I’m an African American male and I’m 33 years old. I’ve performed in school plays and church plays and come from a family of singers and musicians. I was an extra in only one movie( American Ganster) and really enjoyed it. I hoped to be given an opportunity to audition for the role of Benny. Thanks for allowing me to respond and God bless!

  96. Hi, My name is Shericka Cunningham,. I am an actress that wants to expand and excel in my craft professionally. I am from Milan Tennessee but reside in Tampa,Fl. I am passionate, driving, and working hard at every blessed opportunity I get in film, theatre, and TV. I am beyond ready to take my career to the next level. I also audition for Tyler Perry’s contest last year for a walk in role for the movie “Witness Protection” I look forward to working with Tyler Perry’s Studio!!! Please email me at

  97. Hello my name is Diamonds Hamilton and my middle name is ACTING! I was born to be on the big screen I live for it everyday of my life! I am a junior at MLK high school in Atlanta Ga. I am 17 years old and a recent graduate of Barbizon of Atlanta modeling and acting school. I have been trying to work with Mr. Perry for some time now and hope that I can show my expertise of Acting and making it look like its all so real! So please contact me for further consideration. Thank U so much in advance!

  98. Dear Mr. Perry:

    My name is Victoria Sterling and I am an aspiring actress. I am a 51 year old very attractive, sassy, vibrant, intelligent, funny, and in great shape, African American woman that would welcome the opportunity to impress you with my ability to play the role of Hanna in your upcoming production of the “The Haves and the Have Nots.” Mr. Perry, I am a huge fan!

    It has been my life-long dream to pursue a career in acting; however, the necessities of life have prevented pursuing that goal until now. I was a teenage unwed mother in the late seventies committed to raising a productive adult. After achieving that goal (my daughter is now a gastroenterologist), I was able to attend law school. I am now a practicing attorney. Although my career is satisfying, it was chosen as a means of taking care of my family responsibilities. For me, God and family have always been at the center stone of my life. I am the “big-mamma” of my closely-knit family. I have an outstanding work ethic in that I believe that to achieve your goals, it is necessary to roll up your sleeves and to work long and smart. I have proven that I have the dedication and tenacity for hard work. I can definitely relate to Hanna’s role and can bring my real-life experiences to her character. And now Mr. Perry, the time for me to follow my passion of acting and singing has finally arrived! Did I mention I have an awesome singing voice as well? That’s right, and I am a member of the choir at Word of Faith Family Worship & Cathedral where Dale C. Bronner is our Bishop!

    My reasons for pursuing the role of Hanna is twofold: First, I know in my soul that acting would be personally gratifying and rewarding, not to mention the ginormous honor it would be to work with you! But more importantly, to have a public voice that can be used to make a positive difference in this world is really what life is all about. That is love. A little about me: In my legal work, I am an advocate for pro bono work and regularly volunteer my time by providing free legal services to the underserved and by sitting on boards for non-profits whose goals are to give a voice to those who would otherwise not be heard. I would use my public figure status as a means of continuing to give back to my community, but hopefully on a much larger scale and with greater impact.

    I became interested in the entertainment business as a young child. I sang in choirs and always earned the starring role in the high school productions. And even while practicing law, which as you know is demanding, I always took the time to feed my passion (when you feel it in your bones, you don’t really have a choice; you have “to feed the need!”). I am taking acting classes at the Alliance and have played several roles in local theatre productions. I would gladly give up the practice of law to finally be able to pursue my dreams.

    Mr. Perry, allow me the opportunity to prove that I would be absolutely perfect for the role of Hanna. I will not disappoint. I would be happy to provide you with any additional information that you may require. Thank you for this awesome opportunity!


  99. Hello I would be good for a part… Why you ask if you was to see me you’ll think that’s my next big thing I’m funny talented model type of a person but I don’t want to brag. A little about me I’m 19 I have too Kids boy an girl I come from a family that believe in can’t but I want UK show them I can I’m originally from Florida but move to Dallas TX but I really want this not for just me and my Kids but to prove all the negative people in my life I can do something thanks you with love Tierra…

  100. Hi Mr. Perry this wil be a great opportunity for me. I alway dreamed of becoming a actor, I was an extra in the movie Juice that is what encourage me to become a actor. I started out modeling when I was sixteen years old it was not much of an success, but I had a great time in the modeling field. It was a learning experience. To make a long story short I volunteer in the Navy in 2006 and came out in 2009, boy that was an experience I will never for get. Now I’m interested in exploring acting given the opportunity. I believe that I will bring a spark to this new coming show. My name is Rosemary, I’m “you know what I will let you guess my age”, very out going, I like to put a smile on people face, most of all Jesus keeps my spirt up as I walk in the valley I know he guides me.

  101. To make a long story short, I am willed, determined, cooperative, smart, funny, open-minded, and attentive. I love to work with others and even though the road is still rough, I know there’s better things in store for those of us who are faithful.

  102. My names is Sherika Nelson, Im 25, a wife and a mother of two. I’m an aspiring actress from Florida and I’m ready to break out into the world of acting. I ran across your open casting for “The haves and Have nots” and believe I would be perfect for the role of Candace. I am 5’4 132lbs. I’m the oldest child of 3 girls. I’m Sassy, tough on the out side and sensitive on the inside. (but unless I show it no one would ever know) What I’m trying to say is, Mr.Perry, I’m an actress.
    I’m a huge fan of yours and admire your strength and love for god, I’ve followed your story for sometime now, and I’ve always told myself, when I’m ready for the “acting” world I WIll work with Mr.Perry First! Our Humble and I love that. Even if I’m not picked for this part, I won’t give up. I will work with you one day:) thank you for your time. And I pray you consider me.
    Be blessed in all you continue to do. Thank you for you time.

  103. Mr. Perry I could go on and on about my life’s trial and tribulations however I wont I am and inspiring actor and I would love the opportunity to work for you! im currently 21 years old and im trying to make it! hope to hear from you!!!

  104. ill take whatever role is available, something! I just would really like to get started into acting. I’ve done plays since I could act & I’m 16 now. Tyler perry is a phenomenal play/movie writer/actress. I’d be honored.

  105. Well I love Tyler’s work and I’m so proud of all he has become.. God is good.. I’m not pretty to play these roles I just need one chance one break in life so I can follow dreams of mine and get me and my daughter away from my abusive husband.. God Bless u Tyler keep me in ur prayers.. Alicia

  106. I was born to be an actress, i sing, and act in everyday life…. i have a passion for being charismatic and here it it 12am and im up trying to work on my future. i am 18 yrs old and since the age of 15 i have been creating new characters. Each day i change characters and i must say living in atlanta makes it more fun to be different. i should be apart of this project because my energy is needed in every ones life. i promise you wont regret it.

  107. Hmm, well LOOK NO FURTHER you have found your JEFFERY. I can honestly say that I have found inspiration applicable to my life in some way from every play or movie that Tyler has created… Lol and I have to chuckle when I say that when I see Tyler as Madea it is a true inspiration. I have always enjoyed acting and have spent my whole life trying to make people laugh through impersonations or whatever it takes to make people laugh… I believe that laughter IS the best medicine and I feel accomplished when I can provide that for people… Tyler I would LOVE to work with you in a movie, it would be a privilege.. And Oprah I absolutely always wanted to make it to one of your shows because I think you too are an amazing person with compassion and (I feel) a desire to help people to reach their potential…. Thank you guys for making this opportunity available to us all but a special thanks, (and hopefully CONSIDERATION) from faithful Madea watcher from South Georgia. James

  108. Yes i’m interested in playing a part in this project as everyone would be, not really sure if this is real or fake, but if so would love too. Thanks

  109. Mr. Perry, my name is Brandon Bell and I am a college senior class of 2014. Through struggles, disappointment, heartache and pain I have made it as far as I am now. I have always dreamed of being in a major hit movie, tv sitcom, commercial, or something where I can express who I am. If possible I would love to be apart of your projects.

  110. Hey My Name is Clametra White but every body cll me SOUL…IM 27 & WOULD LOVE TO PLAY ANY ROLE YOU HAVE OPEN… I am very Talented I just need someone to give me a CHANCE.So please let me show you wut I have to offer & I PROMISE YOU YOU WILL LOVE & ENJOY ME….Thanks Be BLESSED!!!!!

  111. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about what I love doing the most, Acting. I can stand up in my bathroom mirror memorizing lines from movies for hours. When I am working, at school or just lounging around the house, I always picture myself fighting in an action movie, running away scared in a horror film, holding a knife with an evil grin on my face in a thriller, laughing crazy in a funny scene or staring deeply into someone’s eyes in a romantic film. I guess you can say that I’m one of those “Dream Girls.” But I know that I can accomplish anything I put my will to. I believe that I would be amazing for this upcoming movie. Not only would this be a great opportunity for myself but for my family as well. I need to make others around me proud, I want to make a mark that people will never forget. I should be considered because, I have what it takes to bring this production and team the motivation, courage, fun and strive. It takes more than “loving” to act. It’s more than that. It’s deeper…It’s special to you, and only you.

  112. Hi Mr Tyler im not sure if u picked folks yet but my name is Mark R Moss and i love acting,singing and im a very hard woeker im ready and willing to work asap around the clock for this please give me the opportunity to show you i want this bad and wont let u down Thankyou and GOD BLESS hope to hear from you.

  113. Hello, my name is Keturah. I endeavored to become an actress as a little girl. I remember watching “Sister Sister” and wishing I could be on TV with them. I hated school and was too timid to push myself to act. I was also a little overweight that really pushed me to seek other goals in life. I was afraid then because I didn’t see “thick” young girls on television. But now the industry is much more diverse. I don’t have anything prepared to become an actress, in terms of, a resume or headshots. However, if given the opportunity to revisit my childhood aspirations, I would do all it takes to be apart of this film. I was watching Joel who mentioned that God never lets us forget our dreams. I am not timid anymore. I am a verbal, diligent worker, educated, attractive and God filled mother and wife. I am ready for a challenge and new beginning to my blessed life!

  114. Well…it’s a tough bussiness and hard work, but somebody’s got to do it, so it might as well be me. ;o)

  115. I would love to be part if Tyler Perrys project. I moved from Atlanta, GA to Phoenix, AZ. I am honestly looking to open doors as an actress. ALTHOUGH beng transgender has gotten in the way of learning and getting into acting. I bring nothing but a positive enrgy and also to take in feedback and apply. I have worked in just about every call center. I am 25 and wanting to explore and expand othe talents. Even if I am not picked I will strive to find a place where I fit and also continue to be a Tyler Perry fan.

  116. I can be Amanda because Im 24, blonde and in great shape. I have also been a student in the medical field. I can play any role great, but this one is a deff match for me. I have seen all of Tyler Perrys movies and I like each and every single one.

  117. Lakeita Pickett is my name. I have been singing since the age of 1. Standing in a miror with a melody just singing my little words. And loving the attention. I beleive when given the chance to fulfill my dream, I will bring beauty into the essence of what i have always loved doing singing. I believe once given a script that the words on the paper, will come into play. I am so talented I can incorporate my singing skills with my acting skills. Acting out a script would be awesome for me, because each word on the script would be believable by me. I love entertainment and if I could do it for a living. I would be estatic, i am the underdog when it comes to accomplishing my dreams and goals. I will continue to be persistent in pursuing my dreams in hopes of it actually coming true one day.



  118. Hello, my name is Sydnie Stroble. Acting is not a choice for me, it is what I must do. When you have purpose to fulfill that internal flame and burning desire is hard to extinguish. My passion for this craft will exude hard work and dedication. As a novice in the film and television industry, I hope this opportunity will propel my acting career into the right direction. I want to learn from the best and the best is Tyler Perry. It would an honor to work with him and to show that God still plays a major role in in this industry.

  119. It would be and honor/ a privilege to be apart of anything that has the name Tyler Perry attached to it. I believe that I am a beautiful talented young adult who has a lot to offer and show. All I need is that one chance to prove myself. I’ve been trying to get in Tyler’s view for a couple years now being as though he’s always looking for young new talent. Many of the big roles go to union people. I am currently non-union and that holds me back from being chosen for these kind of roles. Tyler was recently on the Steve Harvey Morning Show and I had just got through the phone lines as the stopped accepting calls. I thought maybe if I could talk to him, get his advice on how to star in a project with him who knows what would of happened. I’ve been a fan and watching him since I was a little girl. I fell in love with the first play I saw. Ever since Ive always said I wanted to star in his films. I want to be like one of the characters you always see. For example, Tamela Mann plays Cora, Madea’s daughter. She will always be around. I have big dreams and I know I have what it takes. All I need is a chance

  120. Good day and God bless you Ms. Oprah Winfrey, and Mr. Tyler Perry. I am an aspiring college undergraduate at Old Dominion University and plan to graduate with my Bachelor’s of Arts in Philosophy with a minor in Communication May 2014. I am also aspiring to be a television actor, movie actor, and also a model. I have been a fan of Tyler Perry productions for as long as I can remember. I am also a HUGE fan of Oprah. I must admit, I was quite saddened when I realized her show would no longer come on, but excitement shot through my body when I found out that she would have her own network! One day I will be able to afford digital cable in my room so that I cannot miss any interesting show aired on the OWN network. (Since the network does not show on regular basic cable where I live :/) (Hey, it’s definitely an expense to strive for 😀 ).

    Anywho, I believe that I should be and will be a great candidate for a role in the Have’s and Have Nots. I was always told as a child that I should pursue acting. I would always walk around the house talking in different voices and impersonating whoever I felt like impersonating. I was fortunate enough to have lead roles in two plays during High School as well. One was Kiss Me Kate, and the other was Family 2.0. Unfortunately my dreams to be an actor came to a sudden hault when I entered college because I needed to focus on getting good grades, and also working so that my tuition could be paid. While in college I learned many things about myself. I learned that I put my HEART and SOUL into anything that I am passionate about. I am passionate about life, working out, praising God, and I pretty much put my heart and soul into everything that I do. (Except for cleaning up my dog’s poop when I walk her… I mean who enjoys doing that?) I also learned that I WILL NOT settle for failure. I will keep trying and trying until I achieve success and greatness in anything that I do.

    I believe that I have a very strong work ethic, and to me it is a strong work ethic that separates a regular worker, from a hard worker. Ms. Oprah Winfrey and Mr. Tyler Perry are obviously two of the most hard working African-Americans in this world so I am sure that they both could relate and agree that a strong work ethic is quite important.

    If selected to have a role in the Haves and Have Nots, I will first thank God because nothing is impossible without him. I will then promise to give my HEART and SOUL and utmost effort into any role that I am given. Even if that role is for only 3 seconds. I will be the best 3 second role player ever! That is a guarantee! It has been a dream of mine to be on television and or movies and I promise that I will not leave anyone disappointed.

    I am willing to analyze the gestures, attitudes, and moods for any role that I am given to ensure that it is acted out correctly. I can confidently say that I can make myself angry, excited, ecstatic, depressed, apprehensive, and on the verge of tears within minutes! I believe that this is a gift God has blessed me with and it would be such a privilege to display my talents for you all and the world.

    God bless you all, and I pray that I have this opportunity.

    Christopher Wells

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  125. I am very interested I bring a unique look a big heart a animated and outrageous personality very dynamic and high energy and singing and songwriting talent and a history in music as and opening act in the 80s under Belinda BBStorm many people say they would love to see me make a music comeback and share my acting ability as well. I would love to know where to auditon or send my cd or video. I also just recovered from a major life and death auto accident and I feel that god is not thru with me yet this is my final frontier. I have achieved my educational and business dreams and some music and family stuff this is my final dream a debut as a singer actress in one of Tyler Perrys movies. I am Belinda BBStorm hope I get that chance I know I can be and asset. I have spent my life helping people in many ways and motivating and now I want to touch there heart thru acting and singing and my songs which many say are valuable. Thanks Love Belinda BBStorm I would be humbly thankful. Oprah and Mr. Perry are and inspiration to me.

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