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If you are interested in a role in the upcoming “The Game” Season 6 leave us a comment below and let us know why you should be considered!

CASTING CALL – TV Show “The Game” Season 6 (Atlanta, GA)

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The Game is a half-hour comedy drama focusing on the social lives, romantic developments and professional challenges of a group of professional football players and their female counterparts. With Melanie away doing a residency and Derwin now traded, things will look very different for The Game. With the arrival of Blue (Jay Ellis), 1st round draft pick who has replaced Derwin and Keira (Lauren London) as a former child star trying to make her way as an adult, the energy and chaos, twists and turns will make for an exciting season.

** Looking to hire actors that are willng to work AS ATLANTA LOCAL HIRES. **

Union: SAG
Audition Date: 10/15/2012
Audition Location: Atlanta
Shoot Date: 10/29/2012
Shoot Location: Atlanta
Pay Rate: TBD

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[COMISSIONER STEVEN BULLOCK] Co-Star / Male / 50’s + / Caucasian
Comissioner Bullock is the football commissioner who annonces the first pick of the 2013 draft. Wardrobe: Suit and tie.

[REPORTER #1] Co-Star / Male and Female / late 20’s – early 30’s / Caucasian, African American, Hispanic
This reporter tells Derwin how he feels about his trade to Baltimore. Wardrobe: Business casual.

[WAITER] Co-Star / Male or Female / 20’s / Any Ethnicity
Keira’s waiter at the New York hotel where she is staying.

[DROP BAR WAITER] Co-Star / Male or Female / 20’s / Any Ethnicity
Brings Jason and Blue a bottle of Cristal that a table of hot girls and a cheesy guy buy for them.

[TATTOO ARTIST #1] Co-Star / Male / late 20’s – 30’s / Any Ethnicity
Tasha’s tattoo artist who is tattooing Pookie’s name on Tasha’s behind. If you have clients who have an edgy look (tattoos, piercings, mohawks, etc) please submit them.

[EASTON HOTEL MAID] Co-Star / Female / Any Ethnicity
She is helping Tasha lay out things on her bed that will bribe Chardonnay to keep quiet about the affair Tasha is having with Rick Fox. Tasha is surprised to learn that the maid spoke English and understood everything that she said.

[SALES GIRL] Co-Star / Female / 20’s / Any Ethnicity
A sales associate at a high-end store that Keira is shopping at. Wardrobe: Trendy clothes.

[GIRL #1] Co-Star / Female / 20’s / Any Ethnicity
Attending the Sabers charity date auction and is talking to Angela Simmons about who will be biding on Blue – the newest sexiest member of the Sabers football team.

[WOMAN #1] Co-Star / Female / 30’s – 40’s / Any Ethnicity
This woman bids on Malik at the charity date auction. Malik hopes that this woman does not win the bid because he does not find her appealing.

[ATTRACTIVE WOMAN] Co-Star / Female / 30’s / Any Ethnicity
Bids on Malik Wright at the charity date auction and end up with the highest bid.

[WOMAN #2] Co-Star / Female / 30’s – 40’s / Any Ethnicity
This heavy-set woman bids on Malik Wright at the charity date auction.

[WAITER (EP. 5)] / Any Ethnicity
This is a waiter at a high-end restaurant that Blue and Keira are attending after Keira wins a date with Blue when she places a $75,000 bid on him.


[PLAYER #1] Co-Star / Male / 20’s – 30’s / Any Ethnicity
He is a player on the Sabers team who is talking smack about the new rookie, Blue, after his lackluster performance in training camp. Must have a large but fit football player physique. Wardrobe: Athletic gear.

[TURK] Co-Star / Male / 40’s – 50’s / Caucasian
He is a guy who comes in and grabs one of the players from the locker room and tells him to bring his playbook. We later find out that the player he grabs has been cut from the team. Turk is described as a guy who looks like he sells insurance.

[MISSY SAMPSON] Co-Star / Female / mid 20’s – late 30’s / Caucasian
A member of the Sunbeams, she is the wife of the football player who was cut from the team.

[ROOKIE] Co-Star / Male / 20’s / Any Ethnicity
Takes part in the rookie talent show at the training camp. Wardrobe: Athletic clothing.

[MR. RICHARD WATERS] Co-Star / Male / 40’s / Any Ethnicity
He is the check cashing, Pay Day Advance guru, who agrees to investing in Malik’s business idea of opening a restaurant. Wardrobe: Suit.

[PHATTY WAITRESS] Co-Star / Female / 20’s / Any Ethnicity
A waitress at Malik’s event; she is the prototype (because of her large behind) of the waitresses that would be working in the Phatty Burger restaurant that Malik wants to open.

[SECURITY GUARD] Co-Star / Female / 30’s / African American
Works at Sheibani Towers; Informs Malik that the elevators are down and will be back to working in 15 minutes.

[PARTNER] Co-Star / Male / Any Ethnicity
A businessman who is looking for a spokesman and partner for their energy drink. After finding out that Malik walked up 35 flights of stairs in seven minutes to make a meeting with Reece, they decided to make him the face of their energy drink.

[STEEVI] Co-Star / Female / 20’s / Any Ethnicity
She is Keira’s (Lauren London) best friend. This is a great recurring role.

[TORI] Co-Star / Female / 20’s / Any Ethnicity
she is Malik’s even-keeled assistant. MUST BE COMFORTABLE IN A BIKINI – NO EXCEPTIONS. Recurring role.

[COLONEL WESTBROOK] Co-Star / Male / 50’s / African American
He is Blue Westbrook’s father who is described as an older gentleman with little time to play. His son is the 1st round draft pick for the Sabers and although his son is an adult, the Colonel has a firm watch on him. Recurring role.

For consideration, submit to [email protected] with the subject line, “THE GAME SEASON 6”. Make sure to also include your name, phone number, age, ethnicity, the role you want to audition for, headshot and resume. This is a talent agency not a casting director. All questions regarding the interview process should be directed to [email protected] 

*** Interviews are done by appointment ONLY. ***


October 28, 2012

For the TV series “The Game,” we are casting extras, male and female, caucasian, asian, and hispanic, for upscale hotel scenes. Filming will take place Tuesday, 10/30, in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, GA with a rate of $75/8 hours. Please go to, click on the label Submissions and select Extras. Please list “Hotel 10/30” in the Special Skills or Talent box.

We are casting female runway and swimsuit models, ages 18-30, all ethnicities for the television series “The Game” Season 6. Filming will take place in Atlanta, GA, October 2012 – February 2013, with a rate of $150/12 hours.  Please go to, click on the label Submissions and select Extras. Please list “Model” in the Special Skills or Talent box.


Casting Update November 2, 2012
Hylton Casting is casting Asian, Brazilian, Hispanic, and Caucasian models, ages 18-30, for the television series “The Game” Season 6. Filming will take Wednesday, 11/7/12 in Atlanta, GA, with a rate of $150/12 hours.

Please go to,

 click on the label Submissions and select Extras. Please list “Model 11/7/11” in the Special Skills or Talent box.


If you are interested in a role in the upcoming “The Game” Season 6 leave us a comment below and let us know why you should be considered!


  1. I would absolutely love to be apart of “The Game”. I’m energizer,outgoing and can take redirect if needed

  2. I know I have the look and personality to play numerous roles I saw presented. Ive met a couple of the stars and know I would get along with them very well. Hit me up! Kashmir

    Sarita 🙂

  4. I believe that I should be considered for the role of Steevi on BET The Game because I am a best friend! Which makes it easy to transition into role. It also allows me to bring real life experiences into play through emotion, character, and body language. Ambition, Drive, and Talent is what I have to offer! I don’t chase fame I chase perfection, knowledge, wisdom, guidance, and my dreams!

  5. I would love to be considered for a role in the show The Game. The role I am interested in is Steevi. It seems like a role that I would not have a problem with. I am very ambitious and driven and I take criticism and direction well.

  6. Who are the casting directors for this project? Because every time we submit to that email…nothing comes out of it. They are a talent agency. I thought casting directors hire the actors not a talent agency. Something is not right!

  7. The Game is a show centered around football, or..used to be rather. Despite the fact that its focus is now centered around the drama that is in the periphery of being a professional athlete, the actual athletes that the show does use are a below mediocre representation of what true professional players physically looks like. The show uses these “pretty boy”s for the camera and it takes away from the authenticity of the show. A true physical spectacle of an athlete, one who has actual professional experience in the sport, will enhace that “authentic” deficiency. I have that on screen look, a true athletic presence, as well as experince to fill in that void. A genuine football player gaining experience in the industry…

  8. I would love to be considered for a role on “The Game,” Season 6. I am confident that I have the talent, style, look and to be considered for several roles including the Easton Hotel Maid, Woman #1 or Woman #2. I would be honored to be considered for an audition for one of those roles.

  9. Hello my name is Garrett Patterson Im considering myself, for the role of Colonel WestBrook.Im fifhty years of age and former Army,I also have been a fan since the Game first aired and have been trying follow it closely I beleive I have what you are looking pretaining to this role. Looking foward to auditioning.

  10. I know I would be a great asset to the show due to me not only being able to play several roles but I can relate to a lot of the characters and would be able to fit right in with the cast on and off set. I have been a fan since the beginning of the show and would be able to fill what is needed in any role in order for the show to continue to be successful. Please consider me for an audition for any of the roles I submitted, you will be pleased. 😉

  11. I’m ready for new challenges and new opportunities to broaden my career as an actress. I love meeting and working with new people and I follow instructions to the T.

  12. I am ready to move to the next level of my modeling and acting cereer. I see this as the best role for me. I am in the gym everyday so I would work out fine for the [ROOKIE] role and so I am a business man I own my own promotion business in New Orleans so I would also work out fine for the role of the [PARTNER].

  13. Hello I am very interested to work accurately, well independently and as part of the team. I’m very outgoing, fun, energetic, motivated, and confident. I love taking on challenges and trying out new things. Acting is my passion and I been working hard to prosper with it. There are two roles that would fit me perfectly which are Sales Girl for Trendy clothes and Lauren London’s Best friend Steevi. Sales girl would be perfect because I have experience in retail and working as a salesperson as well with great customer service. Playing the Role as a best friend for Keira ( Lauren London) would also fit well for me due to the fact that I’ve had the same best friend for over 12 years. I know what it feels like to be a great friend, have ups and downs but mostly building a stronger friendship leading to becoming more like sisters than best friends.

  14. Hel Hello, My name is Shynieka Taylor born and raised in Glassboro, NJ. I am 21 years old 5’3 Fair Skin with big breast. I know how to take contorl of any scene. I have always wanted to be an actor, I have the biggest personality with a million dollar smile. God has blessed me with multiple talents such as, cheerleading, dancing, singing, and choreographer.Acting is my dream and is one goal i havent achieved yet. I am a senior at Delaware state Univeristy and am graduating with a 3.7! Equally important I am a B.E.T. fan! And starting my acting career with the Game will be an answer to many of my dreams!

  15. Norm Cooper – Having been a sports writer/photographer for nearly 1/4 century, I have covered many actually “announcement” events so I am familiar with how it is done. I am an accomplished public speaker with announcing on the public address system at Braves games in pre-game ceremony, speaking at a graduation ceremony and have done radio work as a sports and news reporter. Born-raised in Atlanta, live in Ga in the mountains. Could fill role of Commissioner or role of Turk (who looks like an insurance salesman … I have actually sold insurance). Would even been good (great, natural) for reporter role, but age range not a fit. Will send in information and photos on Tuesday.

  16. I am 24 years old I am a model/actor and I attend John Cassablanca. I am a hard worker and im very dedicated with everything that I do. I would like to be considered for various roles because I can easily transform and/or swich my look up to be many characters such as Steevi the best friend, Girl #1 who is attending the Sabers charity date auction, the Sales Girl I actually work retail at Dillards and other stores and I am great at being professional and helping people pick out clothing to show there personality and style, or the character of the Drop Bar Waiter were i would bring jason and blue a bottle. I know all about the show it’s my favorit show ever. I also know that this is a big opportunity and it would be a dream come true. I pray to God I hear back from you because I will not let you down. I would also like to thank you for taking the time to even read my response.

  17. Hey…. I’m a 23 year old African American female with very high goals and aspirations of success out of life. I’m a very open minded individual that’s welling to go out of the box and comfort zone . I am very interested in multiple roles at this point in time . I feel I’m the missing link that would complete the show.I am meant to be on camera – magazine covers I just need my big break and I truly feel this is it for me .I have such a strong passion and hunger for success . I would be honored to take on a role and be featured on The Game . I am from Gary,IN and I must say, this is such a small city that goes unnoticed. But I am willing to prove I am the person that you’ve been looking for. Thank You very much for this opportunity ……

  18. So I did what you asked and contacted them. Since they do not respond to emails as much, I called them. They told me they don’t submit unsigned talent to these castings. So submitting through the email is pointless. They only submit signed talent. They even said it on their website. If they like your portfolio, they will then set you up for an interview to be signed with them. Not for the various projects they are casting. Just wanted people to know. So do not get your hopes up and do not give up!

  19. have you finished casting? I submitted an email, never got a response. I’m interested in Stevvi and Phatty Waitress

  20. I am professional, energetic, reliable, talented and I work well with others. I have proper set etiquette and a great personality. I would fit right in with the cast of The Game.

  21. I don’t want to sound cliche but I’m what The Game Season 6 needs for this new season as far as fresh faces with talent! My email is [email protected]. Personal website is! I’d be a GREAT asset to the team as well as bring the fire to [Girl #1] for this season!

    [email protected]

  23. Highly interested in reading for a role, I was the extras casting assistant for Season 4 of The Game and assisted with taping most featured auditions. I assisted in getting “Malik’s” body guard his recurring position, as he was the on-set barber. It would be great to be on set in a different role. I would love to read for “Steevi” or “Tori” as I can bring a great bubbly vibe. I would be a great addition. I look forward to hopefully hearing from you all.
    Charisse Cotton

  24. hello,let me just say i love the game its the best show on bet i would be great for the because i have a great personality and i love meeting new people i would be amazing im friendly outgoing im a fast learner please give me a chance acting its my dream i am an aspiring model…..acting its something that i want to do

  25. I will be perfect for a role but im only ten years old i am a good a actor i can be spunky i have won two trophys in hawaiian tropic best model i know how to change my voice i can do a little girl voice a british voice even a country voice i just hope or wish you have a role for a ten year old like this.

  26. Hello!
    I am so geeked about the upcoming Season 6 of BET’s “The Game”. I would love to having a speaking role, model, or even just an extra would be fine by me. This will definitely put a notch on my belt for starting out in the industry. I look forward to hearing from you, if interested.
    -Dyneisia Scott
    Atlanta, GA
    [email protected]

  27. My name is Tamekia Walker my family and friends call me Mekia.I am 33 year
    old don’t look it. I love to have fun with my family,love meeting new people
    ,traveling and posing for the camera. The only experience i have beening
    in plays in High school, just getting started very photogenic.The reason you
    should pick me I always want to be a actress since for every, from a small town
    people alway say you will not make it and nobody never been on TV from
    here and just asking for a chance Contract: [email protected] (334)628-3049

  28. Hello, my name is Gerald Kennedy if you guys gave me the chance to be on your show i would be very grateful. I have experience an acting i have been in competition shows i have been an advanced drama classes. I am a very quick learner. And on of top that i am young and handsome. I am 17 years old i weigh 165 pounds i am about 6’3 i have curly hair brown eyes i have done some modeling before. all i am saying is please give me a try.

  29. Unless ur white or have some type of exotic look don’t waste ur time. They black isn’t in anymore

  30. well i think i would be a great cast on acting and dealing with all types of values in men and myself i won first top modeling Apollo night 2012 i wanted to audition for reality TV shows and work as a actor this is my first time every doing tv show i would like give it a try.

  31. I would Be a Great Person for the set IM good Looking I have the smile In MY Body Ladies would Love it Im Only 20 Years Old So why wouldnt you Pick Somebody as Young as me, I can Rap, I can play baskeball, and I Can dance as well. So if You give me a Chance I wouldnt let you down. I pray too God For oppurtunity like this.

  32. because I am something new for the show…… tall, beautiful, and looking for my chance to show the world what I have. =) I have many bonus features….. I am hearing impaired and that has NEVER stopped me from reaching my goals.

  33. i would love to be a part of this show. it is a great show that alot of people watch. Even though its have comedy in it, its really telling how a pro athlete live and things that they go through. i will be a great person for the show, im an athlete myself and i can relate to the rookie character.

  34. I think that this would be a refreshing and exciting challenge for a more mature woman such as myself I would like to dip my toe into the pool of show biz who knows I may windup taking a plunge .

  35. Good Afternoon!! Ever since I laid eyes on the 1st episode that I had ever seen I knew this would be a perfect opportunity to explore the possibilities as being a part of this cast in some way shape or form. I don’t care if that means being the assistant for crafty or taking out the garbage!!! I’u’ve played professional football for 8 years from NFL to CFL to arena football. In addition I recently relocated to LA to continue and expand my passion in a career as an actor. I sit on 7 years of experience in film on lead, featured, principal, support and under 5 roles. Thank you so much in providing an outlet to chase after our passions!! Gods speed!

    Arden Banks
    [email protected]

  36. Hello, my name is Cedric Thomas, I know that i am your perfect match for the upcoming Season 6 of BET’s The Game. My well groomed business look and my shinning personality and winning smile will be a great match to play the co-star male role (Partner) looking for a spokesman and Partner for our energy drink. Iam claiming this glorious opportunity in Jesus name and to God be the Glory.

    Thanks again for your consideration

    Cedric Thomas
    [email protected]

  37. Hello My name is Cedric Thomas I know that i will be a perfect match for the upcoming Season 6 of BET’s The Game. Iam confident that my well-groomed tv look, along with my shinning personality and winning smile will be the perfect match for the co star male role of the (Partner) on the hit TV show series the Game. This opportunity would mean the world to me and would be my very first major break in TV, because i never gave up. No matter if a million people tell you what u cant do, or if ten million people tell you no. If you get one Yes from God thats ALL you need. Be inspiried and and go after your dreams. To God be the glory.

    Thanking u in advance for your consideration

    Cedric W. Thomas

    cethomas[email protected]

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