Atlanta Casting Call for an Upcoming Tyler Perry Project Filming Tomorrow

Casting Directors are now casting talent for an upcoming Tyler Perry Production. We recently posted featured a casting call from Extras Casting Atlanta as they were casting for what would be an upcoming project on Oprah Winfrey’s Network, OWN. For details regarding the Tyler Perry Casting Call see the Casting Call details below.

Casting Call and Audition Information

Extras Casting Atlanta recently posted the following Casting Call on their Facebook Page:

For tomorrow we are seeking a caucasian female — super hot model type 18 to mid 20’s for a very featured role — Also looking for a few diner patrons generally men and women all types 18 years old to 50’s for both please send a clear recent photo and all contact info to: [email protected]

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  • Kimberly G

    HOW can I get a list of casting calls that give a person advance notice instead of the day before filming?

  • Project Casting

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  • kwa

    so pissed off jus got a call to ply a role in da new tyler perry movie but i cant make it in atlanta by tomore, wat a bummer

  • kwa

    will you guys shoot in NY also

  • http://[email protected] Liyah143

    Really how do you sign up Kwa ?

  • cossondra

    Hello Mr.Perry, my name is Cossondra Hutchins and I am 16 years of age. I am currently sending you this message because you are my Idol. I look up to you & hopefully one day I can be a great actor like you. I love to act, I been in school plays but my mom never had the money for me to take acting classes. Growing up wasn’t so eady, I had to fight my whole life & I’m tired. My mom is currently noy working because she’s disabled. Things aren’t so good at home. Bills & things like that. I know I’m young & shouldn’t be thinking about those things but its hard to watch my mom struggle. I would like to take my acting career farther but I don’t know how & don’t know where to start. My grades is school are excellent, I’m a honor student, I always focus on school so I can get my mom and little sister out of struggling. I want the best for them. Can you help me Mr.Perry Please?

    Sincerely, Cossondra Hutchins
    Home: 9733449249
    Cell: 8622417226


  • Taneisha turnage

    Hi Mr Tyler Perry,i have a 4 year old daughter that everyone and everyday people tell me she needs to be on tv.i kniw she is destined yo be a star shes not shy at all she remembers movies and act it out in one day and i believe i my spirit and everyone else believes that she is born to do this. She is very dramatic naturally and has star quality. I own a hair salon in atlanta and she puts on an act for everyone to see and everyone loves her.i prayed when i carried her for 9 months thats how i really know its destined.You are the first person i reached out to i just need 1 shot for you to see her,her name is Brittish Bullock her birthday is september 7th 2008 thanks for your time and have a blessed day!! Sincerely, Taneisha Turnage

  • antoinette freeman

    Hello tylperry my name is antoinette freeman I am a big fan of yours I admire everything that you do I always wanted to model or act but never had the chance to do so prayfully one day I will be on one of your shows I will be the happiest women in the world give me a chance and I truely will show you that I am serious enjoy the rest of your day have a bless one

  • http://N/A Lee

    Hi I’m from South Africa and I was wondering if your able to send out casting information sometime prior to the date, so that one can make means to get there?

  • http://N/A Lee

    Is there any way that one can get casting dates some time prior to the date, because i live in South Africa. Would love to audition for one oF Tyler Perry’s movies