The producers for ABC’s new television series ‘Rising Star’ are holding a nationwide casting call for aspiring singers.

The new series ‘Rising Star’ recreates the traditional singing competition. For the first time ever, the audience will be able to choose who will win in real time.

ABC’s ‘Rising Star’ follows a group of aspiring singers as they audition in live performances.

During the performances, viewers can vote via an app and determine if the singer will advance in the competition.

If the voting reaches a certain point, the performer will move on. Feedback is immediate for the singer and the whole has the opportunity to vote.

During each episode, a contestant performs and must reach a 70% live-voting threshold from viewers at home.

To apply send your resume to

Please check and list that you found this info on projectcasting through Kaymie Mattison. Good luck and Best Wishes!



  1. So this has more to do with popularity then with talent? Whoever has the most Twitter followers wins? Sorry, don’t think I’ll be watching.

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