Casting directors are looking for people to work on a corporate video filming in the San Francisco Bay area. Mrs. John while we cannot discuss the name of the client of the corporate video, casting directors are looking for counseling, corporate video shoot. Producers are looking for photographers, illustrators, kid actors, musicians, and dance. Talents will be compensated $250 for every six hours worked on the commercial. Talents must live in the San Francisco Bay area to apply.

Two additional playroom upcoming project check out the casting call breakdown below.

San Fransico Casting Call

Kristen Beck Casting is seeking the following real people for a corporate video (SF Bay Area):

Project: DAYBREAK SF (can’t say the client yet but you will like them)
A corporate video shot in documentary style. They will be shooting a ‘class’ taught by influential people.

Foreign language speakers with random awesome talents – Age 7-33 yrs.(American English is your second language) with random awesome skill. Tech or Musical talent is great, but anything is welcomed! Please send video of you doing your skill/speaking your native language.
EMAIL: [email protected]

Real Photographer, beg-advanced, 18-33 yrs.These are people that like photography and would take a class for it. We will take them outside and let them shoot photos with a pro photographer with a camera and their cell phone. (Please state your level) Please email us some of your work.
EMAIL: [email protected]

Real Illustrators, beg- advanced, 18-33 yrs. We are looking for people that could draw and like to draw as we watch them work. Please email examples of your work.
EMAIL: [email protected]

Adults and Kids with random awesome talents – Age 7-33 yrs. Tech or musical talents are needed, but random other amazing talents are welcome! Please send video of you doing your skill.
EMAIL: [email protected]

Kids 10-14 yrs with Stop Motion video experience. Kids that like making videos with beginning-advanced stop motion skills (state your level). Please send a video of you shooting or some of your finalized work. EMAIL: [email protected]

Real Musicians/Bands, intermediate-advanced skills (no rock or metal, we already have that), Age 18-33 yrs. These are people that are real Musicians or a group in a band (please submit photos of everyone). Also looking for individuals that play an instrument pretty well (NO DRUMS, we have that). Please send a video of you playing and/or your band.
EMAIL: [email protected]

Rate: $250/6 hours. (All worldwide media usage, but probably only used on the web, 5 years)

Shoots: San Francisco Bay Area 4/28 or 4/29 (approx. 6 hours one of those days). MUST LIVE IN SF BAY AREA/NORTHERN CALIFORNIA, Non-union

To be considered, please submit asap but no later than 8am Friday, 4/21:

1) Put ROLE name in the subject line of email

2) Your name

3) Contact info (cell and email)

4) City you live in

5) Age (only if under 18, otherwise state ‘over 18’)

6) Any languages you speak fluently (other than American English)

7) Photos – a close-up of your face and a full body photo (selfies are great, no professional photos or headshots). Jpeg preferred but png ok too.

8) Photos of you doing your talent or examples of your talent (i.e. illustrations, stop motion videos, etc.) Jpeg preferred

9) A short video (2-3 min. max): Introduce yourself, and explain what you do and why you love what you do, and then a little bit about yourself. (Prefer you upload videos to dropbox (free from Google Play or iTunes store, or on your computer), then hit share, and copy the link and email that to me. Or you can upload the videos to any cloud service, Hightail, or a private YouTube or Vimeo that allows me to download)

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If you are not local and/or do not fit the description, do not apply