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Project Casting, Inc. is the leading digital news organization covering the business of entertainment. features casting calls, auditions, news breaks, and investigative stories. It also includes a talent social network featuring over 150,000+ entertainment industry professionals from all over the world.

Project Casting Digital Network

The Project Casting Network is a collection of publishers who reach over 6 million unique users a year. We deliver the biggest stories and provide a voice to the entertainment industry while delivering a targeted message through innovative advertising solutions.

 About Our Partners:

Our publishers target a youthful and powerful 18 to 34 year Millennial audience. We captivate Generation Y across a broad set of entertainment industry channels by focusing on TV shows, movies, acting, modeling, and filmmaking. This allows us to deeply engage with our audience’s interests.

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The Project Casting Digital Network offers a wide range of high impact, interactive ad units that can be customized to help reach your goals. Our advertising product solutions address our audience across various platforms ranging from mobile, to tablets and desktops.

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